Let me know

It is sad, but true.

Our couch is dying.

Our first couch.

That we got for free.

From Tom's parents.

This couch has been with us since our first one-bedroom apartment. It has moved with us four times. But, unless I want to reupholster the cushions, and fix the inside support thing (again,) it's time for a new one. And maybe a longer one, since we only have two loveseats... not so good for sleeping on.

And since our budget is somewhat limited, I've been checking out craigslist for something a little less well-loved than ours.

And let me tell you, there are plenty of people out there selling couches. Nice couches, new couches, lightly used couches, horrendously ugly couches. My favorites are the ones without pictures--um, is it really that bad, that you won't let us see it? --or the ones that say "elegant" or "really nice" in the title, and then have the ugliest 80's print ever, or retro 70's plaid.

But there are lots of nice couches too. But half of them are in Bellingham. Hello, that's not even close. There was one post that caught my eye, because it was right here in my very own town.

With no pictures.

The post-er did claim that she was having trouble uploading the pics, so feel free to email for pictures. So I did. No harm in looking, right?

In less than 10 minutes, she emailed me back with pictures, informing me that "in have one person that wants me to hold them till friday but i really need the money asap....let me know if you are interested"

Knowing I wasn't about to hop in my truck van and pick them up, I didn't reply. Besides, this was Wednesday, and with New Beginnings that night, and Tom's school the next, Friday would be the soonest we could even look at them.

Just over half an hour later, I got another email:

"are you interested??"

A little eager, are we?


I'm not one for instant decisions, and I don't like being pressured. I wanted to say "Remember that little line 'let me know if you are interested'? Well, I'll let you know. Until then, take a chill pill. And you know what? Your over-eager, capitalization-ignoring, over-punctuated response is not motivating in the least." But I didn't. I'm much better at thinking up rude replies than actually delivering them.

So I'll keep looking.

In the mean time, I'll enjoy my quickly disintegrating couch for as long as it lasts, and have fun laughing at the things people post on craigslist.

Like this one:

"This couch isn't in the greatest condition anymore on one side of the recliner but with a little work it can be fixed. It still works...the other recliner has no problems whatsoever. The leather is worn out but its a great couch overall."

Sign me up!


Sarah said...

I want to see some of the pictures!

Elisabeth said...

Ha, so much fun. We got our couch off of craigslist. It is a sectional and was only $200. Besides a few holes we stitched up, it has been great! Have fun hunting!! :)

Grant said...

Yeah, I take pride in know that I was the source of the latest break in the support...okay, "pride" is not the word I am looking for. But I will definitely take the blame :) It's a good thing that Janelle loves me to pieces. I offered to fix it, but she turned down my offer...she might be regretting that now.

i have been out there on the craigslist couch market, definitely entertaining.

Lisa C said...

So funny. We have gotten 2 couches on craigslist and are amazed at the hideous couches people will apply complimentary terms to. What kills me is that they'll even say they're only 5 years old. Who in their right mind would have bought some of those ugly floral patterns so recently?? We ended up getting a nice sectional for more than we would've liked, but at least its not hideous!

Jennifer said...

You gotta love craigslist.

The Strain's said...

LOL that lady must have to pay off someone before they come after her with the pitchfork! thats too funny!