Picture overload

The problem with taking 80 pictures of the same thing, is limiting yourself to one or two to post. So, you get 8. Just be glad I narrowed it down that much! :)

This last Sunday, sweet Lou was blessed. For those unfamiliar, in our church we don't baptize babies, but we do give them a special blessing at church.

This is the gorgeous dress that my mom made when Ella was blessed. I think you can only see the bottom in this one picture--it's so long, but the bottom is so pretty.

Anyway, Louie was a champion and though she was awake for the blessing, she was happy the whole time--but not so much for the pictures.

Also, don't you like how I interspersed the text and pictures that that you had to scroll through all the pictures to read the text? I'm just tricky like that.
We also took a family photo... Aren't we a good looking group?