Give said the little stream

I've seen this several times, and you probably have too, but I finally decided to play.

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me! My choice. For you. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!

2. What I create will be just for you.

3. It'll be done this year.

4. You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be a song. It may be a self portrait or maybe even some creation I haven't yet dreamed up. I may draw. I may bake you something and mail it to you. It may not be big or impressive. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure! But let's be honest here. This is me and I will likely do something amazing. ;) So come on, sign up!

5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog. The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they did win a FAB-U-LOUS homemade gift by me!

It doesn't matter to me if I know you, or if you are a friend-of-a-friend, or a totally random blog-stalker. Sign up!

One... two... three... GO!


Elisabeth said...

I want to play! :)

Stephanie said...

I want to play too!!

(posting in like 5 minutes)

Anonymous said...

Choose me! Choose me!
Oh, I have to have a blog?
My mouth is my blog. But every time I post something it falls off and only those who are there when I say it get to see it. It is kind of like my dinners... unique but never to be repeated... for better or worse.
So I have to have a blog? :(
Oh well. I hope that some really nice people get those great gifts.

Grant said...

So I was totally going to come on here with some line like: "pick me, pick me! oh but wait, I don't have a blog!" But I guess I think way too much like my dad for my own good. So you will just have to pretend like I totally saw this before he did and wrote that first...except for better :)