I would like to lodge a complaint with Star Command

Okay, this is a girlie post in two parts, so all you male readers can just ignore it. Dad, Grant....um, any other guys who read this blog, that means you.

Part one:

For starters, let me just be clear. When I was a teenager, I used pads ONCE. After the first time, I hated them so much that I swore I would never use them again.

And I didn't.

Until I had kids.

I told Tom after Louie was born that I think the worst part of having babies is having to wear pads for w e e k s after. Seriously. I would be much happier if that was not the case.

I mean, labor hurts and all, but it's over in hours, plus there are drugs galore that can take the pain away. But the annoyance, uncomfortableness, stinkiness, and all around diaperness of pads is unavoidable for weeks. Ugh.

Part two:

One upside of having babies is not having to mess with periods for several months. There are some women (one of which I am most unfortunately NOT,) who don't have them for as long as they are nursing. I got about six months off with my first two (though I nursed each of them for a year).

Um, hi. I'm already on my second one since Caroline was born, and she's barely two months old.


What happened to time off? What happened to six months? Four even! Anything!


I don't even know who to complain to.

Hence this post.

Okay, I'm done ranting. Sorry for the oversharing, and too much information.


Kristy said...

Um, nope, that's a totally justified complaint. Amen, sister.

Grant said...

I was going to leave a comment here, but then i realized that it would be obvious that I had read that which I have been specifically told (in the text) not to read...so I will refrain from commenting.

Lisa C said...

Can we say 10 weeks of post-partum bleeding this time? 10!!! Sorry about the period that Super stinks :)

Jennifer said...

(Sheesh I don't read blogs for a week and way behind) Girl, I know how you feel. I was the same way. I only nursed my first two for 10 months and 9 months, but no period the entire time. Then the last two it was weeks after I stopped that they started up regularly. I don't get it. I just wish there was something you could count on, but alas, there isn't. Sorry, I feel your pain!

Sara said...

This is so funny Janelle because I agree with everything you said! My period usually comes back at the six month mark. Wish is was longer.