Story of my life

It has been said that the loudest noises a mother can make is to pick up a fork, or lay her head on a pillow.

I'd like to add taking a shower to that list.

After getting the kids situated at the table--Rico coloring; Ella eating breakfast--I retired to the bathroom to take a quick shower. No sooner had I removed my shirt than

{Recording} "Hello, this is Penny from the Senior Advisory Comm..."

So I continued undressing

{Recording} "Hello, this is Dave (or something) from the Debt Consolidation Something-or-other to help you get out of..."

As soon as I hung up on him I hear

"MOOOOM! Rico's getting into MIS-CHIEF!"

I put on my robe and reminded the little man to be good and quickly got in the shower. Running water does a nice job of drowning out noise, because as soon as I turned off the water

"MOOOOM! Rico's eating the crayons!"

I was not about to streak through the house buck-naked and dripping, so I quickly toweled off and put on my robe, but not before

"MOOOOM! Rico's dumping the crayons out!"

For the love! Can a girl not take a shower? And have a moment of peace?

Apparently not, for as soon as I sat down at the computer to write this post

"MOOOOM!  Rico's taking my book!"


Kristy said...

Yeah, I still haven't accepted the fact that my life is now divided into three-minute chunks. Sigh.

Chelsi said...

I know what you mean, I am happy if I am able to get a shower in the day. Sometimes the hair doesn't get dried or the mascara doesn't get put on, but at least I AM clean!!! And I hate those calls too. They always happen right when I get Hannah to sleep, arg!

Amy said...

OH that is hilarious!!! You are good though-I sit my 2 year old in front of a movie and hope that nothing breaks!

The Strain's said...

LOL i'm so right there with you!!! i swear every time i get in the shower Issac has a meltdown!! he will be sound asleep forever and i sneek into the shower and i hear 'waaaaaaaaahhh' in the monitor! i try to hop in when my husband comes home for a quick lunch but its just so annoying, its like he KNOWS i'm in there so he has to cry. and my hair never gets dried. but i must admit, its VERY soft and not as damaged now :) try to sneek one in at night when they are in bed and tom is home to deal w/ them. i do that sometimes and just stand there forever until the hot water runs out. nice and relaxing!!

Stephanie said...

Totally true!!! I laughed so hard when I read this!

Grant said...

Yeah, I could not agree more. Like this is my life! I try and go to class and my room mates just won't let me. I feel for you!