In theory I'm a huge fan of April Fool's day. I love the idea of pulling pranks and having a laugh. Rubber band around the kitchen sprayer. Jello mix in the shower head. Plastic wrap on the toilet.

In my mind they are great fun.

But in practice, not so much. Instead of laughs and giggles, you get water all over the kitchen, a blue (or pink, or green, or whatever color jello you used) husband who is not amused, and a huge mess. (In theory. I've never actually done any of the above.)

I think it started fairly young.

I was never one for making my bed, and especially not one for changing my sheets. {Have you recently tried putting sheets on a bunk bed? It's not the easiest thing.} One year (when I was probably less than 10) I got around to putting fresh sheets on my bed on March 31 (or so) and on April 1st, my bed was short-sheeted by some well-meaning family member.

If they were expecting a laugh, they didn't get it.

I broke down in tears.

Or there was the time when I was tied to my bed with a phone cord and dusted with confetti by a fun-loving roommate and the girl downstairs while I slept.

I'm not sure what I said, but I am sure they did not get the reaction they were expecting, and ended up feeling bad for what they thought was a bit of harmless fun.

Looking back now I can laugh about these and see how funny they were meant to be, {and would have been if I had reacted better,} but when in situations like these, I don't see the humor.

Moral of the story is: don't expect any April Fool's pranks from me, and if you choose me as your victim, realize that I may not find it funny for years. If then.

P.S. This lack of humor applies mainly to physical pranks, not wedding/pregnancy announcements, and other non-humiliating verbal jokes (in the spirit of: Your shoe's untied--April Fools!)


Sara said...

I think I feel the same way as you Janelle in regards to April Fools. Although, I don't think I've had any pranks pulled on me... and really don't want it to happen in the future either.

Alicia said...

Yeah, I'm really sorry (still) about that little phone-cord incident. Please give me full blame! I had a feeling you wouldn't forget that one.

nicole said...

Hey Janelle! I don't know if you remember me from our childhood years, but I used to be Nicole Sasnett. I just found Sarah recently and noticed this blog on her family list, and thought I'd come visit. You're so beautiful and grown up! And your family is so adorable! I'm happy to see that you're doing well!! :)