In Appreciation

I would like to start this post by thanking all who responded to my last couple of advice-request posts.

To those of you who offered advice on shin splints by comment, email, phone, and in person: my calves and shins thank you greatly. I have been running for almost four weeks now, and have not had a single problem since the first week. It makes 5 am much more bearable when I'm not also in pain.

And for those of you who offered cookie-baking advice, may I present:

my much improved and cookie-looking (as opposed to pancake-looking) cookies. If you are at the ward potluck tonight, you might even get to taste them. Lucky you.

Thanks again for your help. Without you, I would be in pain and have the world's flattest cookies.


Trek Video said...

Your mother just commented in passing "You notice that she did not tell us what it was that worked."

Grant said...

That is because she did not want to embarrass all of the ladies when they found out that they were all beat by me! After all, I am the Cookie Monster :)