In the interest of full disclosure

We bought a couch.

After several weeks of perusing craigslist regularly, I found a couch Tom and I could agree on that was in our price range.

But there was no way both of us would be able to go look at it anytime soon, and if I went by myself, I would have no way to get it home, since the van is full of carseats. But, luckily, it was in Kirkland, a mere hop, skip, and a jump from my parents. And since they love me so much, they arranged to buy it, bring it to their house, and later deliver it to ours. No charge. (For the delivery, that is. I did pay for the couch.)

And it was perfect.It was in great shape. It was perfectly comfortable. It converted to a bed, in case of overnight visitors. It looked great in the space we had for it. It even went reasonably well with our other decor.

And my kids thought it was a trampoline.

Of course, they think that about every couch, (or any other bouncy surface, for that matter,) but I was less a fan of this behavior with our new couch.

And they more they bounced, wiggled, jumped, and frolicked on it, the more I realized that the seams were not designed for this kind of treatment. After only a few days one of the seams was looking tired, and starting to pull, much more so than I'm sure they would have with normal adult use.

But I liked the couch so much. And it was such a great deal. And my parents were so nice to arrange everything.

But it was not built for children.

And rather than let them ruin a perfectly good couch, we decided to post it on craigslist, to find it a home more suited to its purposes.

It sold within 10 minutes.

With a $50 profit.

So now, we're back where we started, but I feel a little guilty. Like I cheated the system, and used my parents. But that was never my intention.

(And it is still sitting in my living room, waiting to be picked up. But I have the money, so I'm sure it will be.)


Bethany said...

Bye couch! Good thing those kids are cute :)

Rachael said...

I like the couch!! Too bad, maybe you should just hold on to it...

Anonymous said...

We agree! We like the kids a lot better than the couch too. (Nice couch. Nicer kids.)

Tom, Pauline, and Jacob said...

That is too bad. I love the couch but I love your kids more. Well, I guess when Tom and I buy furniture, we have to keep in mind about kids.