We went to the cardiologist again last Monday. (It was Tom's spring break last week, which is why I never got around to blogging.) The hole in her heart is not showing any signs of shrinking, and she gained only 7 ounces in the four weeks between appointments. Babies are supposed to be gaining at least that much each week, not in a month! Also, her heart is looking more enlarged (since it's working so hard to pump the blood).

Because of this, the doctor prescribed a water pill to help her get rid of some of the extra water (and no, it's not really a pill, that's just want it's called). To help her gain weight, the doctor is having me pump milk and add formula to it to add calories to her diet. He also said that surgery is most likely going to be necessary later this summer, or early fall, before the cold and flu season sets in (since babies with VSD are more susceptible to things like pneumonia, etc, which would not be so much fun).

I know that the Lord is watching over her, but more prayers are always welcome.