I like projects, but it's been quite a while since I've done anything major. Inspired by Rachael, who, it seems, is doing one amazing project after another, I painted this dresser that I got for free. It was my grandpa's while he was living in the nursing home, and has been sitting in my grandma's garage since he died. It's not perfect, but overall, I'm quite impressed.



This morning I completed the final run of the nine week Couch to 5K running plan. Hooray! And I'm still alive. (I was afraid all of these early mornings and the running might kill me, but it did not.)

Because I run for time, not distance, I don't actually know how far I run each morning, but I run for thirty minutes at a fairly steady pace.

I do plan on continuing to run three times a week for a half hour, but with the end of the program, I'm going to need some additional motivation. Any ideas?


Pizza Friday

My favorite thing about pizza Fridays isn't the pizza.

It isn't that I don't have to cook, because I do; I make the pizza from scratch, even the dough.

My favorite thing about pizza Friday is that I don't have to think.

No What should I make? What sounds good? What sounds easy? What am I in the mood for? What do we have ingredients for?

It's automatic.


And very tasty.


I have a four-year-old!

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I am the proud owner mother of a four-year-old. When did I get that old?

Yesterday my sweet little Ella girl turned four, and she is quite proud of that.

We started out the day with a "Super Doctor Party" as Ella dubbed it. Ella had her "regliar checkout", Louie her four month check up, and Rico got a finger poke to check his iron levels (still too low.) My wonderful mother-in-law came down to join us and play entertainer so that I could actually talk to the doctor (novel concept, I know).

While the nurse was doing Rico's finger poke, Ella asked if she could have one too. Not if she HAD to have one, but if she COULD have one, please. The nurse said she'd ask the doctor. Then Ella asked if she could have shots. Again, not if she HAD to have them, but if she COULD.

The doctor said she could have four if she wanted. We could have waited and done them next year, but I figured we better do them when she wants them, because chances are that she won't want them next time. She was a great sport. She got a finger poke and four shots and didn't even cry until the last one (which the nurse mentioned was usually more painful than the others).

Since it was her birthday and she was such a good sport, she got four toys, and she and Rico got certificates for a free kids meal from Red Robin, which is Ella's favorite restaurant ever.

Then we went to Costco, to do some shopping and get some lunch. Ella always asks if we can eat lunch at Costco, so yesterday we got pizza (chicken bakes for the adults), lemonade, and frozen yogurt--chocolate vanilla swirl.

Then Rico got a nap, and Ella got some quality one-on-one time with Grandma, but not before Great-Grandma and Grandpa showed up with hand crocheted dolls for Ella and Rico, and Pauline showed up with cupcakes! We are so spoiled!

Dinner was per Ella's request: penne with hotdogs in cheese sauce, salad, and, of course, cupcakes for dessert. (Thanks for getting me out of making a cake, Pauline!)

Ella was a little too focused on "Present Time" for my liking, but really, it's her birthday, so I didn't worry about it too much. She got some new clothes, sandals, (but not flip flops like she wanted--you can't be too picky at Goodwill) some bunny ears, and Peter Pan on DVD. She's pretty much in love with Tinkerbell--so's Rico.

And we did all of that without taking a single picture. Am I a bad mom, or what?

Overall, it was a great day.

But now I'm the mother of a four-year-old.

PS We will be bringing cupcakes to playgroup, and having a family party on Saturday, so don't worry, I didn't totally get out of making cake!


Staying the course

I just got back from the cardiologist with Louie.

She's gained over a pound this month, which is better than last time, but still not ideal. The meds she's been on are doing their job, but she still has a hole. We didn't do an ultrasound this time, so we don't know fore sure if the hole is getting smaller, but we'll see again next month.

The doctor emphasized again how amazing babies are. "If you or I had this," he told me, "we would feel like crap." But she's doing well, happy as a clam. There are a lot of complications that could occur, enlarged liver, extreme fatigue, difficulty breathing, etc. but none of that is going on, and she's looking good.

It would be nice if I had something definitive to say, but the most I can tell you is that we're going to keep on doing what we're doing and hoping that next month the hole is smaller.


Happy Bumbo Baby

Tom's work had a baby shower for us the other day, and my favorite gift was a bumbo! I have been coveting one of these for a while. I love it, and so does Louie!



Welp, I think this is the best you're getting for now. I'll post another one if I ever take one. P.S. This is a mirror pic, so reverse in your head.

Or better yet, here's the reversal, but I think it looks funny, so I'm leaving both.


True confessions

I cut my hair.

Actually, since this is me we're talking about and that could be taken the wrong way, I got my hair cut.


But, of course I haven't gotten around to taking an after shot, (even though it's been over a week,) so you only get the before. You would think that in the last 4 times I've had my hair this short I would have taken a decent picture of myself to post as a pseudo-after shot, but alas, I don't have a single one. I'm really going to have to work on that. I guess that's what I get for taking all the pictures.



Six years ago today was a Sunday.

I was recently returned from my freshman year at BYU, and days past my 19th birthday. I had just learned to count on my fingers binary style and the number 19 is the same as "I love you" in sign language. I had also just gotten new glasses, and was feeling especially cute. For those of you who might not have known me then, I was a bit of a flirt.

Okay, maybe more than a bit.

Each Fast Sunday, the Church Education System (CES) holds a fireside for young adults that they broadcast to the institutes around the world. The speaker that night was Russell M. Nelson, an apostle of the Lord. The topic, temples. {For a transcript of the talk, see here.}

I went with a group of girlfriends, and we sat near the front. As we were fairly early, we watched those coming in for people we knew, and cute boys. Because, really, what are CES firesides for, if not to meet cute boys?

Before too long, my friend Peter came in trailed by a cute boy I had never seen before. I caught Peter's attention, and he and his friend came to sit behind us.

Not one to wait for introductions, I turned around and introduced myself to this newcomer. Tom {last name}. Dark hair. Blue eyes. I asked if he was Canadian.

{It has been my experience that most dark haired, blue eyed people are Canadian, but this was not the case.}

I told him how old I was, showing him on my fingers. He was way too old for me: 23. He had served his mission in France. I love France. And French. And all things French. We chatted until the meeting started. Afterward, he asked for my number.

Yikes. I don't think I'd ever had a guy ask for my number. At least not one that cute!

So I gave it to him, and the rest is history.

{To the non-mormons, I apologize for the church lingo. I tried to link unfamiliar words to a glossary, so hopefully you can still get the picture. If you have any questions, email me, or check out this website.}