This morning I completed the final run of the nine week Couch to 5K running plan. Hooray! And I'm still alive. (I was afraid all of these early mornings and the running might kill me, but it did not.)

Because I run for time, not distance, I don't actually know how far I run each morning, but I run for thirty minutes at a fairly steady pace.

I do plan on continuing to run three times a week for a half hour, but with the end of the program, I'm going to need some additional motivation. Any ideas?


Elisabeth said...

this is coming up which would be good to run for http://pskomen.org/ or you could try for the 10K :) WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jennifer said...

No motivational ideas, but I do think that's freaking awesome. Way to go!

The Strain's said...

i bought some pilates & yoga dvd's and love them. i can do them at home whenever i want and if needs be i can pause it for a melt down. you could do those on the days you dont run.