Good News!

It seems like I live at the doctor's office. Or that time is measured in how long since we've been to the doctor, and when we're going again.

Last week, I took sweet little Lou to the ophthalmologist. Why, you ask, does a baby need to see an eye doctor?

The answer is because her pupils are two different sizes most of the time. However, according to the MD, it's a physiologic anisocoria that is totally benign and not to be worried about.


Today, it was the cardiologist's turn.

To start with, she gained 2 1/2 lbs this past month!

After listening to her heart the doc said that the murmur had a higher pitch than last month, which could indicate a smaller hole. This was supported by the ultrasound which showed that tissue is making an effort to grow in the hole, and the velocity of the blood flowing through the defect is higher, also indicative of a smaller hole.

We'll check back in a couple of months, and if such progress continues, she may not need surgery after all.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers!