My favorite sister

I guess that I have failed to mentioned that for a few brief months, my dreams have come true.
My sister and her family are living in the state of Washington. We have yet to live in the same state since her marriage six years ago. They've lived in Utah, DC, Utah, Chicago, Utah, Michigan, Utah, Michigan, and finally, here (did I miss any, Sarah?). It is, unfortunately, temporary, as they are in transition from grad school in Michigan to work in Okinawa. However, I take what I can get, and have been at my parents (where they are staying) at least once a week, if not more often.

For those who are unfortunate enough not to know my sister, let me give a brief intro to her family. Sarah is just under two years older than me. We shared a room growing up, and mostly loved it. I know that sisters are supposed to fight, but I don't remember fighting with her at all. Mostly we were best friends. Or friendsters.
She married Zach a year before I married Tom, and they had their first, Alyson, five months before Ella was born. (They've been best friends since they were born--they had no choice!)
Josh, their second, arrived 5 months before Rico-man, and two weeks after Louie was born, they welcomed Elijah. And the cousins get along great. Add to that the fact that just recently they have opened their arms and home to their three year old nephew, Isaiah, and it gets pretty crazy with seven kids under five in the same house (when I'm there with my three.)But it has been heaven. Zach will be leaving in July for some Navy-something-or-other, but Sarah and the kids will be here through the summer. I'm pretty much ecstatic about it. And that's an understatement.


The Strain's said...

I dont think I ever realized how close you guys were in age, I always wanted a sibling close to me in age but we're pretty spread out, 8 between me and my sister and 5 between me and my brother. I thought Zach was in the Army? Or did he get out and and is pulling a switcheroo?

Kenny & Melanie said...

Oh yeah, my dad mentioned Sarah was in town... we deffinately need to all get together!

Natalie said...

I love your sister like a sister and am so glad to hear she's still alive. I thought she was MIA in Japan. Thanks for posting the pics.

I just spent like the last hour reading your blog and you are so cute! Remember when we took the road trip to visit Sarah in Washington? You were just a cute little freshman. Good times. Your kids are darling and I'm glad you're happy and doing well. I'll be checking back on you!

Grant said...

More dreams are about to come true....or is it nightmares? I"M COMING HOME FOR THE REST OF THE SUMMER!!!! I knew you would be scared. So bust out the salt and other demonic wards and get ready to be seeing me a little more often ;)

Sara said...

That is so fun! My sister lives in NY so it's a rare occasion when I get to see her. Have a wonderful summer together!