Speaking of Illegal

I contemplate grand theft auto at least three times a week.

It amazes and astounds me how many people leave their cars running in their driveways in the morning. It's like they are asking to have their cars stolen right out from under their noses.

I can understand the desire to defrost the car on those icy mornings of winter, but it's June now, people. But even three months ago, it was plenty warm and the frost was long gone, and yet in the darkness of 5am, I ran past numerous cars idling, while their owners were elsewhere, apparently unconcerned about those with questionable motives, who might be tempted.

But, you say, they probably locked their car doors. Um, yeah, except the motorcycle. And the car with the door propped open. Sure, it's even light now, but the movie isn't called "Gone in 60 Seconds" for no reason. And the car's already running.

It's a good thing I don't steal cars, because they were just begging to be stolen.


Sara said...

You must live in a safe area.

Rachael said...

I totally think the same thing! I feel guilty just for thinking it but they are TOTALLY asking for it. My husband does it sometimes. I'm always sounding paranoid but why not steal the idling car?!

Stephanie Michelle said...

Janelle, I am with you!! I often think about moving the cars - just to teach them a lesson....but, I think that still counts as theft.

It's a good thing you're not a thief!!

The Strain's said...

my uncles was stolen the other winter, he started it to get it warm and melt the snow while he got ready for work and went out and it was gone. they didnt find it for a really long time and he got no insurance $$ for it so he was out the car and money to buy a new one!