To grow out, or to maintain?

That is the current question on my mind.

I LOVE having short hair. But I also enjoy long hair, and playing with it and experimenting with new and different hair-dos.

Maintaining requires regular trims at 20(ish) bucks a pop, but since that's every other month or so, it's really not that bad. Mostly it means I actually have to make an appointment and go get it done.

Growing out requires the obligatory awkward "in between" stage. But it is cheaper, since I'm lame and never get it trimmed.

What 's your vote?

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Rachael said...

I constantly cut my hair, don't maintain it, and grow it out again. Just for fun. I cut my own hair and I still do it. You'd think I'd maintain it. Maybe grow it out until it bothers you then cut it.