Happy Beginning and Sad Ending

This morning, five years ago, I awoke early, did my makeup, had my hair done, picked up my fiancé and drove (rode, actually: my parents were driving) to the temple. We were a little late, but we had plenty of time to sign all the official paperwork before being married. And at 1:30 pm, were were married, not just until "death do you part" or "as long as you both shall live," but for eternity.

And that was the birth of our family. As we have added children one by one, they too are bound to us by the covenants we made to God and each other five years ago today.

Such a joyous beginning.

And now for the sad ending.

This summer had been one of sisters, brothers, cousins and fun. But as of today it is all over. Sarah and her family are on an airplane as we speak, winging their way across the sea to live in Japan for three whole, depressing years.

Grant left last week, and while I'll miss him, he'll be back at Christmas. And just knowing he's only in Utah is much more reassuring than trying to imagine my sister in Okinawa. I know Utah. I can picture it. I've been there. Okinawa? Not so much. The most I've seen of that is Karate Kid 2. I can't picture where they are, what they're doing. And that makes it so much harder.

Sure, we can talk. Sure, we can "Skype." And sure, they might even come back for Jon's wedding.

(And Grant's, if he gets around to it)

(And no, that's not an announcement. Jon is not any more engaged than he was when he left on his mission.)

But they're gone.

And I already miss them.


Bethany said...

I thought your sad ending had something to do with your marriage, and I'm relieved it's not :). Sorry your family is moving so far!

Emily said...

Sad! It's pretty amazing how close you and your sister are, don't you think? Considering how most sisters who are super close to each other in age end up bickering and being petty and disliking each other. But I guess it's not THAT surprising when I think of your personalities.
And...don't you want to come visit Grant in Utah? Seriously though, I've been thinking a 2010 reunion would be really great. It doesn't have to be in Utah. Just a thought. By the way, Kimball Hall is definitely a boys hall now. Weird.

The Strain's said...

you could always go see them! heck we were stationed at dugway proving grounds for 3 freaking years and our families never came to see us. you could save lots of money and think of fun ways to raise money like snow cones or lemonade stands in the summer, something fun for the kids? sell some yummy treats?? ok so i know i know tickets are WAAAY expensive... but it couldt happen... AND I'm sure they'd LOVE you to come!!! (or you could sneak away for a week and leave hubby home w/ the kids next summer!)

Elisabeth said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! I just hung up that picture of that Connie took at your reception. I completely spaced on the date- sorry for missing it! I can't believe it has been 5 years!

I am sorry that Sarah and the kiddos are gone now :( I am so glad that you got to spend so much time with them this summer though. And, it is great that you both have blogs so that you can always be current on each others' happenings if a week or so without phone calls or emails goes by. I am thinking of you in this time of transition. I love you guys!