a little heart to heart

{I obviously need to take more pictures: this one is from the fourth of July.}

Because Sweet Lou's heart is not something I can really see an outward manifestation of how it's doing, I never quite know what to expect. However, I was thrilled to hear her cardiologist say:

"Irrespective of what I see on the ultrasound next time, I think she's made enough progress that we won't need to close this hole right away. I'd like to give it a chance to close on its own." (This is a paraphrase, since I wasn't recording the appointment.)

The EKG looked similar to the last one, and the murmur "sounded" smaller. We didn't do an ultrasound this time, but will in two months. All in all, it was good news.

At her next check-up in mid-October, we will determine if she can make it through the flu season on her own, or if she'll need help. Babies with heart problems are more susceptible to things like RSV and pneumonia, and they like to avoid that at all costs. Depending on the size of the hole, the doctor may recommend that she get a vaccine for RSV, which consists of four muscular shots. That doesn't sound fun, but it doesn't sound terrible either, until he mentioned that each shot is about $1200. He said she's borderline now, so it will all depend on the progress made in the next two months.

What amazes me is how God knows what he's doing. While I didn't appreciate it at the time, it's a good thing that Louie was born so big. Because of her heart, she's gained less than 7 lbs since birth. If she had been an average or small baby, she would be unhealthy now, but since she started at nearly 10 lbs, she's still close to 50th percentile.

No matter what happens, I know that I have a loving heavenly Father who is watching out for my little girl, and whatever happens will be for the best.

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