I got a phone call this morning from my brother, informing me that he had a "bone to pick" with me. Apparently he was not a fan of my last post in which he claimed that I alluded to his inability to get a date.

That was not my intent at all.

In fact, I believe him to be quite datable. Were I not married, and related to him, and older than him, I might just be tempted to date him myself.

I did intend, however, to point out that as of now, I do not forsee a marriage date in the near future. And that could just be me.

My brothers, you see, are two very different creatures. And that is the way it has always been. While Grant would barely admit that girls existed (I'm sure that he was well aware of them, but not interested in discussion), Jon would come curl up on my bed to have "girl talk." Even after I moved out I was usually aware of Jon's current girl situation (as updated by him), and would have to virtually pull teeth to get anything out of Grant.

So seeing Jon married in the next three years would not at all surprise me, and I'll expect to be fully up to date on any and all relationships, while I wouldn't be shocked if I get Grant's wedding announcement in the mail without any warning.

So, Grant, it does make things a little hard to predict.


Apparently I can do no right. I just got a call accusing me of sullying Jon's good name. . . oh man. And since he's not available to protect himself, Grant's roommate had to do the job. I guess I just can't win.

Either way, I love both of my brothers. :)

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Bethany said...

Who knew family feuds would evolve to become so technology based?