Sweet Success

I've had a couple people ask how my dessert-free July went and if I was able to make it. And I've been able to say

YES! It went great.

But don't worry, I still love me some chocolate. And ice cream. And cookies. And, and, and...

I think that July was the perfect month for this experiment for several reasons.

First, there were only three occasions where dessert was offered, and none of them were anything super amazing. I had no reason or excuse to be making birthday cakes, celebratory cookies, or anything of that nature.

Second, at least at the end of the month, it was bloody hot. There was no way in heaven that I was going to turn on the oven to bake dinner, let alone dessert.

Third, there was fresh fruit in abundance and variety. I don't generally consider myself a lover of fruit because apples, bananas and oranges (basic fruits that we almost always have around) just do not excite me. I'll eat them, but they're not my favorite. But during the summer when there are cherries, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, blackberries, pineapple, etc. cheap and available, I'm in heaven. And my sweet tooth was mostly satiated.

So now I'm back to eating dessert, but I can tell I need to set a limit (daily, weekly, something) so that I don't revert to my previous ways.


Kim said...

Good for you! I did a health competition for the last 10 weeks and I was only allowed sugar on Sundays. I will say, setting that limit for myself for 10 weeks GREATLY improved my "self-control"!!

Janssen said...

I'm very impressed. We've set a limit for ourselves of 2 desserts a week this year, but none seems much much hrader.