2 years, 200 posts

Today is the two year anniversary of my blog. Or my blog's second birthday.

So, Happy Birthday Blog.

This is also my 200th published post. There are many other drafts and unfinished beginnings that will never see the light of day, but this marks the 200th post that has been finished and made the cut.

I have been pondering what I could do to celebrate these two achievements, and have settled on a giveaway. I'm a sucker for a giveaway myself, so it seems fitting to offer one to all of you. This being a celebration of twos, there will be two winners, and I have planned two options for prizes. If neither spark your interest, feel free to enter anyway and we can figure out an alternate prize.

And speaking of entering, there are two ways for you to do this.

First, leave a comment with your name, a way to get a hold of you {if your profile (or my brain) does not already contain this info} and which prize you would prefer should your name be drawn.

Second, in order to provide myself fodder for future posts, you may post any question you may have for me. The question can be anything that you can think of, and I will do my best to answer it. (I do reserve the right to use my discretion on inquiries of questionable content--this IS an all-ages blog.)

The winner will be chosen by random.org so that I am not accountable for the results.

Now, to the prizes.

On Tuesday this week, I was feeling bored and decided to attempt to make a cute flower/bow for Ella's hair. So I came up with these two little numbers.

While I did not follow any instructions, I am not so naive as to think that the idea is original. Ella would, of course, complain if these two were given away, so for the for the winner, I will create two unique, one-of-a-kind bows of this variety for you and/or whoever you choose to give it to. The bow is equipped with an alligator clip, but it can be easily switched out for a bobby pin, safety pin, broach pin, or what have you.

Several weeks ago, we made these for Young Women activity. I love mine, and will take color requests from the winner.

It's probably about a foot long and four inches high or so. I could measure, but I'm a little lazy. After painting, I sanded it to give it that "distressed" look.

Because both prizes will be made to order, both winners could, in theory, select the same prize. How nice am I?

Drawing will take place in one week; entries accepted until midnight Wednesday.


Stephanie said...

um...you should know how to contact me. :)

Question: If you were a superhero, what would your superhero name be? And what would your superpower be? And what color would your outfit be? And would you wear a cape?
(Basically I would like a bio on you as a superhero cause I'm sure that you already are one. I just want to know which one you REALLY are.)


Stephanie said...

I think I would like the family one

Amber said...

You crack me up! What a fun idea to do a giveaway! I think the Family sign is awfully cute.

Lisa C said...

I want to know what a typical day/week in the life of Janelle is like. Your routine etc. We've only gotten glimpses of your Friday/Monday routine :)

I want either prize, but I lean toward the family one. It might be pricey to ship all the way to NY...

Kevin and Eliza said...

Oh how I hope random.org picks me. :) I really like the Family one, the bow is of course cute too, but no girls as of yet in my family, besides of course me. If I happen to be the winner would you just leave me a comment on my blog. :)

Cami Grant said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I love the Family sign. It is very cute! You can get a hold of me on facebook! This is a fun way to celebrate!

Chelsi said...

Yeah for birthday's, what ever they are for. I love the bows and my girls need cute things!!!
I want to know "Who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop?"

Tom, Pauline, and Jacob said...

You are sooooo cute. Well my question is, what is your favorite childhood memory and how would you describe that using food?

If I win, I would love the "Family" sign. I just wished I could have done this with YW.