Soup season brings with it a host of accompanying pleasures, as well as some not-so-pleasant prospects.

Among the anticipated arrivals are sweater season, scarf season, boot season and bread-baking season (I can't bring myself to turn on the oven in the heat of summer-I use it as little as possible between June and September).

The unappreciated? Nylon season. Yuck. {Am I the only one who avoids wearing them as much as possible?}

The arrival of soup season also heralds the end of sandal season, capri season (I don't wear shorts), and fan season (or air conditioner season, if you're cool like that). {Pun unintended, but appreciated--by me, at least.}

And this may make me a nerd, or maybe just alert you to one of the many facets of my nerdiness, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway.

Each year, at the end of summer, I dismantle, clean, and repackage our fans in their original boxes. Our house is not one of abundant storage space, and unused fans take up an excessive amount when left assembled. Besides that, you may have noticed the insane amount of dust that can build up on fan blades left unattended for years on end.

As I do this yearly, the build-up at the end of each summer season is not excessive, and requires a mere wipe with a dust cloth before the fan parts are ready for storage. This year, however, we inherited a pair of fans from my in-laws that had not been in the habit of receiving this yearly treatment.

And yikes did they need it.

After vacuuming off the majority of the dust, the layer of grime left behind had me scrubbing--not wiping, scrubbing!--to get them clean. After cleaning and reassembling them (we do not, unfortunately, have the original packaging), I was astounded at the difference.

And then I wondered: Am I the only person who does this? Do people just accept and live with dusty, dirty fans? Does this really matter?

So I ask you: am I alone?

{And if so: Can we still be friends?}


Lisa C said...

haha. I proudly join you in the anti-nylon movement, but my very dusty fan is currently sitting in the basement :) I could see Dan taking it apart each year if we didn't have the amount of storage space we do.

I hate nylons.

Kristy said...

Tights. So much better than icky nylons.

Will you come clean my fridge for me? I need a little more Janelle influence in my life...

Bekah said...

I don't even own a pair of nylons or tights -- hate them. And I clean my fans, too! Not only at the end of the season, but usually mid-season as well ('cause seriously, that dust is nasty!). Love your blog. Hope you all are well!

Bethany said...

I look at my fan often and think, "Hmm, someone should clean that." But "someone" never does :(.

Kevin and Eliza said...

I also hate nylons. I agree tights are a little better. I always want my fan cleaned, but I never do it. Perhaps you have inspired me.

Zach said...

I think you are just a loner, probably shouldn't be... but a loner.. :) I do still love you though and still want to be your friend! I mostly just hate nylons in the summer because they are WAY to hot but i the winter, I love them (That is when I have the time to put them on after getting all others ready that it)
by the way, this is sarah