Have you noticed?

Despite my warning to the contrary, you may have noticed an upswing in the frequency of my posts of late. In fact, in order to coordinate my recent milestones, I had to stop myself from posting more frequently.

Why the change? you may wonder.

Maybe it has to do with the change in weather. Maybe I was just in a funk. {My reading has also picked up pace.} Maybe it has to do with Tom being gone more often, and for longer.

Or, it may be that my prediction and reasoning were correct: Two weeks ago my running partner hurt her ankle and running has been verboten (and will continue to be for the next two weeks).

So, I've been running alone.

And I miss her! It is oh so much easier to force myself out of bed when I know she'll be waiting. It is easier (and more fun) to keep running when I have someone to distract me with conversation {even if I am more out of breath from talking}. And I have come to prefer our route over the one through my neighborhood (despite the hill) but I don't dare do it alone.

But, I do enjoy blogging, and am relishing in this return to the written word. I have missed it. I am hoping I will still have it in me when she's back.


Also: If you have not entered my giveaway, please do! You can enter until midnight Wednesday and I would be more than happy to come up with an alternate prize if you don't like the ones currently offered (because I know they are not universally desirable).

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see it back in you! I feel life blood coming back in to me as well... I'm very grateful! I'm excited to have you come and help me with the downstairs and rooms - I love you babe!

I understand the easier to get up and move when there's someone out there waiting for and expecting you. I'm proud of you!