Hip, hip, hooray!

Yesterday was another visit with our favorite cardiologist. {Okay, so he's really the only cardiologist that I know, but I do really like him, especially after yesterday.} After listening to Louie's heart and looking at the EKG, he said that the VSD sounds smaller, and looks like the meds she been on have done their job and helped un-enlarge her heart.

Then we did an ultrasound.

This was, by far, the worst one. She has usually been all sorts of happy, or at least content, to let the tech do his (or her, depending on who's working) job, but not yesterday! We tried Sesame Street, her pacifier, toys, and putting her on my lap, but nothing worked until finally the angel nurse came in and blew bubbles which got the job done.

After the doc looked at the ultrasound, he said it shows that the hole is indeed shrinking, the left side of her heart is smaller, (as it should be) so we can discontinue her meds and check up again in 6 months! {As opposed to the one to two months we've been doing.} She won't need the RSV vaccine, and he expects not to need another ultrasound until he can no longer hear a murmur and wants to verify that it is fully healed, at which point she will "graduate" from being a cardiology patient.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind thoughts! I know that they've helped.


Kevin and Eliza said...

That is wonderful! I'm glad she is doing so well.

Rachael said...

Yay! That's wonderful. She's looking so big!!

Kristy said...

Hip, hip hooray indeed! What a blessing!

The Strain's said...

Glad she's doing better! Bet thats such a huge relief that everything is working itself out!

Tom, Pauline, and Jacob said...

Yeah. I'm so glad to hear that.

Elisabeth said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such great news! What a wonderufl relief :) I am so happy!!!