A little bit of this, a little bit of that

For playgroup this week we had a halloween potluck.

Interpretation: bring your costumed kiddos and some finger-food to share.

I woke up late (or as late as you can with three kids) and realized I had no idea what to bring. I think I made homemade rolls last year, but there wasn't time for that. I looked through the appetizer section of several cookbooks but nothing was jumping out at me, except spinach dip.


I had a couple of bread bowls in my freezer that would go well with spinach dip, but none of the recipes sounded just right, so I ended up winging it.

And I thought it turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

First, I (very loosely) filled my Vitamix with spinach from my in-law's garden (maybe 3-5 cups?). Then I added a scant cup of reduced fat sour cream, and one of reduced fat mayonnaise. Next I threw in a large scoop (or two) of minced garlic, and 1/4-1/2 cup of chopped onion. After processing it, I poured it into a bowl and looked through my cupboards to see what else might be tasty. I added a splash of Worcestershire sauce, a few drips of hot sauce, half a package of Lipton onion soup mix, and a squirt of brown and spicy mustard. I topped it off with some freshly ground pepper and probably a cup of Parmesan cheese from my freezer and stirred it all up. Then I decided that all the spinach had gotten more minced than I wanted, so I added another handful of spinach leaves ripped into small pieces.

It was great with bread, crackers, pretzels, chips, or whatever else you might like to dip.

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Tom said...

I'm sad I missed out. I bet it tasted yummy.