You may remember the Santa debate. Well, he didn't come to our house last year, and I don't think he'll be coming this year either. (Maybe it's because we don't have a chimney!) Some of you may applaud this, and others think we are mean parents.

That may be so.

In fact, here is another example of our child abuse: Our kids have never been trick-or-treating.

I know. Mean!

Last year was the first year that Ella even dressed up. (Aside from when she was 9 months old and we put a pumpkin costume on her for five minutes just because someone gave it to us.) And it was the first year we carved pumpkins. (Thanks to the Reyes' who invited us to carve pumpkins with them.)

It's not that we're against Halloween. I think it's a combination of things. We like to get the kids to bed early and the church trunk-or-treat always starts at 7. And we are lazy, and once you start, you're stuck doing it FOREVER! But most of all, I guess we just don't see the need for pumping the kids full of sugar. And they don't know what they're missing out on.

We do pass out candy to all the little ghouls and goblins who come to our door. In fact, that's Ella and Rico's favorite thing. Each time the doorbell would ring, they would shriek and run for the door vying to be the one who got to hand out the candy. And they even got a couple of pieces from our bowl before they went to bed.

And this year, as Ella climbed in bed, she said to Tom:

"Maybe next year, we can knock on some persons doors and get some candy."

And Tom said:

"That would be great."

So our cruelty ends here.


mrs. olson said...

That is too funny. I dig not doing the santa thing. Halloween I think is fun. My parents aren't very traditional so I try to do a little more for my kids.

Kim said...

Smart girl!

Caroline said...

I enjoyed this post. This year, we dressed up the girls (mainly for my older neighbors to see them) but we also carved a Prayer Pumpkin (said a sweet prayer for children while we carved it), which was fun and kept our focus on God.