I promise they go together.

When we were first married, we somehow acquired a doorknob-hanger-thing. It had "DO NOT ENTER" on one side, and a little white board on other, with a dry erase marker clipped to the side. I don't remember where it came from, but it quickly became the traveling love note. Tom would write a sweet something on it and hide it somewhere where I would be sure to find it. Then I would reciprocate. In one of our many moves, it disappeared, and was all but forgotten.


I used my last check the other day. I have cute Disney checks with Tinkerbell, Bambi, Cinderella, and Lady and the Tramp on them. They make me happy. Knowing I had more somewhere, I went looking.

And looking.

And looking.

And I could not find them in any logical location.

Even after Tom checked where he thought they were, they remained elusive. Last Saturday, I finally started pulling down each box in our closet (we have far too many) and going through them, even if I thought I knew the contents. There was one of candles, one of stationary etc., one of frames, one of random stuff from Tom's desk that was thrown together when we moved and was never unpacked (it was obviously important stuff!) and finally the last box was of things I had determined I wanted to keep, but not on my desk. And in that last box, lo and behold, was the checks. Hooray.


I am the ward choir director. Each member has a black binder to keep all their music in, and I keep all those binders in a cardboard box which I tote to and from church each week. Having had the calling (and, therefore, the box) for over two years, it was beginning to fall falling apart. I had taped it back together, but it was really quite pathetic.

Last Sunday, as I was getting my box out to take it to church, I commented to Tom (who is not usually at home Sundays before church, as he has early meetings) about the dilapidated state of the choir box.

Remembering the half-empty box of randomness in the closet, (which was in pristine condition) he pulled it out, dumped the contents on the bed, and transferred the choir binders to their new, much sturdier home.


As Tom sorted through the contents later, he found the door-knob-hanger-thing and quietly recommenced the traveling love note.

And I love it.


Anonymous said...

I like that idea, I may have to copy that. After being married for 26 years I still like doing little things like that. Thank you for the great idea. Also, it is nice to know that the much younger generation places things in places they will not be forgotten only to forget where they put them.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I'm still learning how to use the computer when it comes to certain things. I didn't want to be anonymous, this is Mama Becky.

mrs. olson said...

That is so sweet.

The Strain's said...

I've tried to tell my husband sometimes little things add up more than big things. He opened my car door for me once that day during our errands and that was that. He obviously doesn't think so. Nothing subtle works for him, and if I have to flat out say leave me a love note once and awhile it just kills it fir me. His romantic side went out the window the day we got married.... Boo.

Elisabeth said...

Oh, that is just so sweet. Love you guys!

Chelsi said...

That is so sweet and I love that he brought it back with out you knowing, until you found it, of course!