I mentioned a while back that I had lost some weight, and got a couple of requests for a before/after shot.  Well, if you take that last picture I posted as the after, here is the before:

{And that's a month before my due date!}

Okay, but really, here's the year before:

{This is a chain that I made for my mom two Christmases ago as a countdown for Jon's mission.  He's coming home it two weeks. (!!!)  It's much shorter now.}


Elisabeth said...

You always look great, but wow!

The Strain's said...

Whoa momma! Looking good!! That is awesome! I'm jealous, seriously, really jealous. I wish I had your motivation! I'm really happy w/ my "size" but I just want to get rid of the blubber and replace it with muscle. I have ZERO motivation though. And eating right doesnt really work with me. I HATE vegetables. yuck. You look amazing! Way to go!

Tom said...

I miss your long beautiful hair.