I'm thankyou for

On the days leading up to Thanksgiving we talked several times with the kids about all the things that we have to be grateful for.  They came up with lots of cute ideas, including "my toys," "my family," and my personal favorite: "another baby brother, if we had one, I would be thankyou for" {not an announcment}. 

Yesterday (or maybe the day before) Ella decided to draw a gratitude list.  I thought I'd share.
First, we have her eating ice cream. "See how I'm opening my mouth really big?  I'm thankful for ice cream." Then Tom and  I to the left.  Down below we have her bed, and next to that, a plate of peas, because "I'm thankful for food."

Following the theme of people, she decided to draw our whole family.  Clockwise from the top is me, with Baby-Lou underneath, Tom, Ella (with flowers above her--not part of her hair), and Rico.  In the middle, Ella is thankful for movies, as you can see from the lovely rendition of Cinderella and her carriage. {Yes, Cinderella is a floating head, like the rest of us.  I feel good about it.} Also included on this page is a plate of pizza (below Rico-boy), her sandals at the bottom, a jump rope ("if I had one") and a book on the left.

On this page, Ella was thankful for the park (see the slide and swings?), hamburgers (top center), hot dogs (top right),  flowers, her cup (big purple thing) and her dresses.

Next she started to draw Grandma and Grandpa (he's the one with the red shoes), but then we got distracted, and pretty soon it was time for dinner.

Her sweet innocence gives me such a great reminder of all the many, many, MANY things to be thankful for!


Tom said...

Oh, how adorable.

Elisabeth said...

I am stealing her. What a sweet, sweet girl.