Love might be blind,

But that doesn't make blind dates a good thing. 


It was winter of my freshman year at BYU, I don't remember exactly when.  I was hanging out in my apartment Friday night, since none of the boys were smart enough to ask me out.  The phone rang, and I picked it up, hoping for the best. 

It was Fabio, a guy from my ward.  I knew who he was (his name was Fabio, of course I knew who he was!) and he quickly outlined his dilemma: Several guys from his mission were in town and they wanted to do a group date (ice skating and dinner!), but one guy wasn't going to come because he had just gotten home and didn't know a soul; was there someone in our apartment who could help him out? 

I (stupidly) agreed to go.  I love ice skating, and who doesn't love free Italian food?

So I quickly dressed and met the group in front of my building. 

My date was a decent looking guy, not anything to write home about.  He seemed nice enough, but I realized that when Fabio said he had just gotten home, he meant he had JUST gotten home from his mission, like that week, and was still a little socially awkward.

The car ride was fairly silent, seeing as it was just the two of us.  We got to the rink and I laced up my skates.  The great thing about ice skating is that not much conversation is necessary.  And you don't have to spend every minute with your date. 

Or so I thought.

It turns out that my date couldn't skate.

He spent the entire hour and a half clinging to me: holding my hand, clutching my arm, all of the above.

Holding hands while skating is one thing, but he was holding on for dear life. 


Dinner wasn't much better in the awkwardness department, but at least my body was my own. 

All the guys were with their girlfriends (or at least friends of the girl variety) and of course all the guys knew each other, so I was by far the odd one out.  Add to that the facts that 1. my date (and all the guys, really) kept reverting to Italian (they had served in Italy) and mission stories, and 2. my date was not talkative anyway, and I was feeling all sorts of included.

I've never been more grateful for a date to be over.

And I've never been on a blind date since.

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Sara said...

Oh the joys of blind dates. Chad kind of was one. At least that one turned out pretty great :)