Ummm, let's pretend this is a post.

So it's Late Night Thursday again, and I sat down to write a blog post.

I was finally going to get to the three questions that resulted from my bloggiversary post.  (Why did spellcheck not underline that word?  I just made it up.  Or stole it from someone else.  I don't know which.)

But thanks to Janssen and her sharing, I spent most of my time reading Kayla's blog instead of writing.

Well that, and wishing I had a sewing machine so I could be cool like Kayla and make adorable coats.

But since Tom's still not home, and I successfully wiped down all the counters in the kitchen, I'll answer the questions anyway.

Question Numero Uno:
From Stephanie
If you were a superhero, what would your superhero name be? And what would your superpower be? And what color would your outfit be? And would you wear a cape?(Basically I would like a bio on you as a superhero cause I'm sure that you already are one. I just want to know which one you REALLY are.)
Oh dear.  Me as a superhero.  Ummmm.  I'll come back to that.  In another post.

And 2
From Lisa
I want to know what a typical day/week in the life of Janelle is like. Your routine etc. We've only gotten glimpses of your Friday/Monday routine :)
Well, I'm pretty much a hermit.  Sad, but true.  And I don't even sit around and watch TV all day, because I don't (ahem) watch TV.  At all.  Which is not about superiority or anything.  Good for you if you do, but I never have, and quite frankly we couldn't afford anything special anyway, so there you have it.

In my ideal world I get up early MWF and go running.  Recently, not so much.  A) my partner is sick (dang her!) 2) it's sooooo early and D) umm, if you live here, you'll know it's been C O L D here recently.  And I don't mean cold.  I mean freeze-your-ears-and-fingers-off-if-you-happen-to-step-outside-cold.  But ideally I do.  And ideally the kids are still in bed when I get home so I can shower, read my scriptures, peruse Reader, and lolly-gag about for an hour and a half until they get up.  Recently, not so much.  Since the time change Rico has been getting up at 6:00 +/- half an hour.  Not cool.

After that, Monday is shopping day.  We typically hit Fred Meyer and Costco around 10ish because that's when Costco opens, and also when Fred Meyer's playland opens. (How I love playland! What?! you'll watch two of my three children for me while I peacefully meander about the store? Score!)  Then we come home for lunch, naps and afternoon crazies while I attempt to make soup (and frequently some variety of bread) before Tom gets home.

Tuesday is laundry day.  I do between three and seven loads (okay, the seven bit only happened once).  They rarely get folded before dinner, but sometimes I'm amazing.   (So most of the towels are still sitting in the dryer and it's now Thursday...what?!?)

Wednesday... um, we play.  And I do stuff.  And then it's magically dinner time, and I run off to Young Women's while Tom puts the kids to bed.  Oh, and then I take out the garbage.

Thursday, playgroup! (Most of the time.  Except today when we had cousins over to play who are in town from Tennessee.) And Tom is gone FOR.E.VER.  He gets home around 10.  And hopes he still has children.  So far, so good.

Friday is movie day.  The kids only get to watch one movie a week (poor deprived children) and Friday morning is it.  Then once again, it's lunch, naps, dinner prep (pizza!), etc.  And in the evenings Tom and I usually chill and watch a movie and eat popcorn and all kinds of healthy things.  Or not healthy, as the case usually is.

And Saturday is pretty unpredicatable.  Lately Tom's been doing homework all day.  And I try to get the house really and certifiably clean (read: scrub toilets, vacuum, etc.).

Sunday is busy.  Tom's got early meetings, then I get up and get the kids ready for church (by 9! Are you kidding?  We barely make it to playgroup at 11!).  Then he gets them home and to bed while I do choir practice and/or YW meetings.  Once I'm home, we attempt to take a minute to coordinate our schedules for the upcoming week, but then it's dinner, scriptures and bed again, and before I know it we're back at the beginning.

And Question # 3
From Pauline (who moved/is moving and I'm terribly sad.  I could write an entire post about how great she is.  And I just might.)
What is your favorite childhood memory and how would you describe that using food?
 I'll be totally honest, I'm not quite sure what to do with this one.  I think I'll interpret it as "What is your favorite childhood memory related to food?" because that's a little easier to get my head around.

The first thing that pops into my head is the barbecues/neighborhood parties we used to have in our backyard.  This was back in the days before digital, um, anything except clocks, and we thought that what I'm about to describe was the. coolest. thing. ever.  We had a second story deck from which my parents would hang a white sheet and then we would use a rented (borrowed?  from the library?  Help me out here, Mom) film strip projector to watch old movies.  {Yes, I just said film strip projector.  You probably don't know what that is.  Google it.  They were invented shortly after dinosaurs.  And I think they're also extinct.  Much like dinosaurs.}

What does this have to do with food?  Oh, right.  Also on these evenings of childhood bliss, we would have watermelon eating contests.  Or at least we did once.  And I've never seen a skinnier boy eat more watermelon than Dallas.  I'm pretty sure he was storing it in his hollow leg.  Or his pocket.  {No, I would have noticed that.}

Hey, look!  It turned into a real post after all!

{I totally should have milked that question thing and turned this into multiple posts.}

{Oh well. Too late now.}


mrs. olson said...

So fun. One movie a week for the kids? Not multiple movies per day. Or one over and over? I need to take a cue from you and restrict a bit more. Good job superhero!!

Elisabeth said...

I had forgotten about MOVIE NIGHTS!!! That was SOOO much fun. Oh how I miss those old neighborhood days sometimes! I was really serious about trying to coordinate a neighborhood BBQ this year. Maybe I can pick a weekend ot come out, or maybe we could do it around my mom's bday because I planning on going out for about a week (the big 60!)...