DIY Beach Spray

First, I want to thank each of you who assured me that I am not a freak of nature

Or at least, if I am, I'm in good company. 

And next I am going to share with you my new  f a v o r i t e  hair product of all time. I started using this a couple of weeks ago, but then I left it at my parents and was so sad.  I got it back yesterday and was quickly reminded how AWESOME it is.

Let's start by being clear on one thing: I like to be frugal.  I don't like to waste money.  I prefer to save it.  And I especially don't like spending money on things that I could get cheaper or do myself.


When it comes to my hair, I usually stick with whatever is cheap and gets the job done.  Whether that's always the best choice, I don't know, but it's what I do.  I hate paying for haircuts, never dye my hair (though cost is only part of the reason on that), and use relatively cheap products.

But that means I sometimes wish my hair would be more {insert adjective here}.  Recently that adjective is voluminous, textured, or stay in place without being crunchy (okay, that's not an adjective, but work with me).  When I first read Kayla's post about Sedu Beach Beauty Sea Salt Spray, I thought, "huh, that would be fun to try." But my cheap bone would not even consider it. 

Then she posted how to make your own, and I thought "Bingo! Now this I can do."

So I promptly went to the dollar store, picked up some cheapy-cheap gel, some bottles, and grabbed some Epsom salt at the grocery store.  (They might have had it at the dollar store, but I didn't see it.)  My grand total? $3.79.  And it will last for.e.ver.

So, while you could just go check out the recipe on Kayla's blog, I'll share it here to, because I love it so much.

4 oz water (half a cup, people)
1 generous squirt (water based) hair gel 
1 tsp Epsom salt

And that's it.  Mix it up, pour it into a bottle with a spray apparatus of some sort and off you go.  I spray it all over my damp hair and blow dry, but you could let it air dry as well.  Especially if you have natural waves and/or curls.  But don't tell me about it, because I might get jealous.  It has the perfect amount of hold, and gives my hair just the right amount of body without looking huge. 

You can adjust it to your preference as well.  You want a little more hold?  Add some gel.  Hair too stiff?  Add water. 

And did I mention it was cheap? 

Oh yes, I think I did. 

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TheMoncurs said...

That stuff right there is my secret to having good hair. I loooove it. So glad it's worked out for you!