from the mouths of babes

Ella has some pretty classic comments. A few more of them require recording.

While sitting at dinner the other night:

E: Mom, do you have a baby in your tummy?
Me: No, why?
E: Because it looks like it.

Wow. Thanks.

But wait! She went on:

E: Your tummy looks like Sister So-and-so's.

I tried to find a nice current picture of said woman, but I couldn't find one on her blog. Suffice it to say that she is due Feb. 15th. So apparently I look 8 months pregnant.  {If you need a reminder what I looked like at that stage, see here.}


On another occasion, Ella and Rico were cleaning up the cars. Ella was tossing them in the basket as quickly as she could, while the Rico-boy was taking them back out and very slowly organizing them so they all lined up. We were trying to hurry for some reason (dinner? leaving somewhere? I don't remember) and I had asked Rico several times to pick up the pace. Finally, I came right up to him and, using a stern voice, told him to stop organizing and quickly put them away. Ella piped up in her sugary-sweet-one-octave-higher-than-normal voice:

E: I'm glad you want to organize them, buddy, but that's not very fast!

I was properly shamed and humbled.


Tom, Pauline, and Jacob said...

Your kids are soo cute.

Chelsi said...

Your kids make me laugh and you don't look pregnant!

Janssen said...

Oh man, too funny.

There were two teachers at school helping with dismissal and one is very trim while the other is . . .quite heavy and this little first grader started looking back and forth at them singing "fat, skinny, fat, skinny." Oops.