It's about time!

We moved in to our house nearly two and a half years ago.  There were a couple of screws in the walls, upon which we promptly plunked some pictures, but that was the extent of our picture hanging.  We have an entire box of pictures that we have had up in previous abodes (where we only lived for one year each) sitting in the kids' closet, just waiting for us to get around to hanging them.

One of the problems is lack of wall space.  Our main living area is comfortably crowded, and most of the wall space not taken up by windows or doors is covered by bookshelves.

But the main problem was laziness.  I'll admit it.  And I just wasn't all that excited to get out the same-old, same-old pictures and frames.  It was time to do something new.

So for Christmas I gave Tom several frames that I had painted black and promised that I would fill and hang them.

Yesterday, I did.

Notice the "D" and the clock have just been stuck on the screws that were already there.  No forethought, no planning.


I need to reprint the picture of Rico as it came out lighter than the others, but overall, what thinks you?


Tom, Pauline, and Jacob said...

It looks amazing. I LOVE IT!

Bethany said...

Love it! I hope I'm as good at planning cute walls as you when we move to our house :)

Kevin and Eliza said...

It looks fantastic! Way to go.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed Babe, can I say I know you?

Neoma said...

I'm impressed. The wall looks awesome... do you want to come do some magic on our walls?

Jennifer said...

Love it!

Chelsi said...

I love it. The pictures of your cute family almost made me cry! I would say you did great!

Emily said...

What a nice "D" *wink* I need to change your blog url on my blog list so I remember to look at your blog! It's been too long.