My Need

I got a call on Monday evening.

"So, I hear you play the flute."

"Ummm, kind of."

"No, I heard you were really good!"

"After lots of practice. . .  Why?"

It turns out that the caller was looking for flute accompaniment for a duet to be sung this Saturday.  That's less than a week.  The last couple of times I've played, I practiced for  m o n t h s  beforehand.

But, seeing as she was calling me, I knew she must be grasping at straws to find someone in time. 

So I agreed to look at the music.

She brought it over Tuesday, and other than being quite high (I had to count the lines above the staff to even figure out what notes they were) it looked totally doable. 

And then I tried playing it.  

I had to look up fingerings for nearly every note, since each octave is fingered differently, and I'm pretty sure I've never played notes that high in my life. 

It was NOT pretty.  The notes were so high I felt like I was going to bust a lung playing them, and I was afraid that my shrieking would over-power the oboe, piano and singers.  The song was "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need," and I thought to myself how appropriate that was, because there was no way I could get this polished in time on my own. 

I said a prayer, telling Heavenly Father that if this was going to sound good, I needed His help.

And I kept practicing. 

And I got better, but it was still less than great.

We had a rehearsal last night, and my nerves were making it even harder to sound decent.  After going through it a couple times, she said,

"I think last time we did this, we had the flute drop it down an octave."

Oh, the relief!

While it took a minute or two to reprogram my brain (and fingers) to play the lower (much more normal) notes, it was infinitely worth it.  Now the tone is soft and beautiful instead of loud and piercing, and I'm not drowning out anyone else. 

But the best part is, I can feel totally confident playing it, which is priceless.

My Shepherd truly did supply my need, just in a different way than I was expecting.


Bethany said...

I know that feeling! I pulled out my violin after years of neglect when Shirley asked me to play in church and my practice session ended in tears. Practice really does help I guess, but you're right that sometimes we need more help than we can give ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder Nell. I love you.

Sarah said...

I love it! What a wonderful reminder of where our talents really come from! I am sure that he was even more willing and anxious to help where you have put in so much time lately and were willing to help someone else. thanks for posting this!

Sara said...

So glad it worked out! I am so impressed you still said yes with such short notice. I used to play the clarinet and I'm pretty sure I don't remember anything.