Oh dear.


Everyone as quiet as church mice.

Over the pulpit,
A Primary Activity announced: 
Meet-Your-Teacher breakfast this coming Saturday. 
Feel free to come in your pajamas. 
That is, modest pajamas. 

Ella, in her normal {not-so-quiet} speaking voice,  
"Well, I only have modest pajamas!"

Laughter erupted.

Thank you.
She's mine.


Kim said...

That was AWESOME!!! It sure cleared up my confusion on wether she had any immodest pajamas!

Valerie said...

I thought it was absolutely the cutest thing. I love her personality!

Lisa C said...

Ruth on Sunday escaped the pew during the sacrament. I hesitated a moment too long and she got into the middle of the aisle, right as the priesthood members came walking down it. I lunged over the pew in front of me to try and catch her when she rounded the corner, but she backed up, giggled, and continued to take one slow step at a time right down the middle of the front aisle...with a line of priesthood holders following slowly behind her. She led them all the way back to the sacrament table-at her pace-before I had awkwardly pushed past the "passers" to grab her. Quite the spectacle. Did I mention she was just trying to get to her Daddy who was passing the sacrament? "Daddy!"

Anonymous said...

Hurray for modest pj's and for girls that love them!

Kate said...

He he he that makes me smile :)

Tom, Pauline, and Jacob said...

I wished I was there. Miss you guys.

Tyler and Kjaersti said...

LOL It was so cute!