Thank you, Captain Obvious!

I mentioned a while back that I switched to gmail, but I still have my old hotmail account and sometimes use it to register for things I really don't care about.  Also, I haven't switched my email address with every single company I interact with online.  (Plus, some people occasionally still use that address. )

Due to this I make a semi-regular perusal of the junk mail folder.  Usually, there are a few messages that I open and read, a bunch legitimate emails that I just don't care to open, and then there is the spam.  We've all seen it and (hopefully) shaken our heads that anyone would be taken in on the ridiculously obvious scams. 

Today, I found it refreshing that Mr. Saudiq Alman took care of identifying his email as spam, since I'm sure I would have bought it otherwise.

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Valerie said...

Sure makes us shake our head, huh?