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Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, by Jessica Day George

I don't think I've reviewed any of Jessica Day George's books on here, which is a pity.  I have read most everything she has published and loved every last one.  She does a great job with setting, and character development, and plot, and I all around just love her. 

This particular book is a retelling of the fairy tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon, which I'm not at all familiar with, so I don't know how true she was to the story.  Regardless, it was a great story with mystery, adventure, and, of course, a little bit of love. 

The main character is nameless, because her mother did not deem her worthy of naming, (she was the 5th daughter in a land and time when daughters weren't worth much) and is called only the pika (girl in Norsk) or the lass.  So when the lass is offered a chance to live with a giant isbjørn (ice bear, or polar bear) in a palace for a year in return for wealth for her poverty-stricken family, her mother is eager for her to be off.  Against the wishes of her father and eldest brother, she goes with the bear and into a world quite different from the one in which she was raised.

I always worry in writing reviews that I will spoil the plot (probably because I so enjoy reading a book knowing not even as much as is printed on the back cover) so I will stop there.  But I highly recommend Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, or pretty much anything else by Jessica Day George.


mrs. olson said...

How did I stop following your blog?! I feel so behind.

mrs. olson said...

I do still follow it! How have I not been getting updates?!

Alisha said...

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