Making good

You may remember this post where I said I would make items by hand within the next year for the first five commenters. I only got four, and three of them don't blog, but I love them anyway! I thought I would give you all a peek at what you missed out on. :)

The funny thing is I had all of them done within a couple of months, except for Grant's, which I finished in time for Christmas.  And just now got a picture of (thanks, Jon!).  

For Beth, I made two items, because one earring would look a little awkward:
Stephanie got two as well, because I couldn't very well do one without the other:Those are her boys, in case you were wondering.

I rarely know what to do for my Dad, so I ended up making a shirt (okay, I bought the shirt, but I added the words).  This was my first time freezer paper stenciling.  It was fun, and it turned out alright:

For Grant, I debated between a freezer paper-stenciled shirt and a chocolate chip calzone, I went with the shirt (though we've made the calzones together at least twice):

So there you have it.  Aren't you sad you didn't comment?


Elisabeth said...

I love my earrings :) Everything you make is so beautiful- you are so talented!!! And, I still need to make you yours!! Ah!!

Chelsi said...

So, how do you make the freezer paper shirts, or what ever it is called? Kevin is always wanting to make designs for shirts, but we have no clue how to put those designs on shirts! Please enlighten me!

Sara said...

Oh dear, I still need to do that!!!! I think your one of them too. And I think I have until June. Better get moving!

And I love what you made!!!!

Kristy said...

YES I'm sad! I need the recipe for that chocolate chip calzone. Do you want to make it for the reunion?