Though I have grown and cut and grown my hair since this post, it's back at about this length.  But this time Louie and I can be twins!

 {Sorry for the poor photo quality.  Camera phone+wiggly baby≠good pictures}

I made this recipe last night, but tried it out with carrots instead.  And the result: super yummy.  I cut the oil in half (which I did the second time I made it with squash, too) and stirred in some peas with the parmesan cheese.  It was perfect!

After four mediocre to downright bad hair days, I finally made another batch of this yesterday, and am sooo glad I did.  Words cannot say what a difference it makes!

And my bibliophile friends may remember this post.  But whether or not you do, my friends over at fabulous reads are doing another giveaway, this time for a signed copy of Fablehaven, if I'm not mistaken.  Which is, I affirm, a fabulous read.

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