How do you like your toast(er)?

When it comes to toasters, there are a couple different categories people fall into.  Either you are a toaster person, or a toaster oven person.  Either you are a toaster on the counter person, or a toaster in the cupboard person.

As for me, I have always been a toaster oven on the counter kind of girl.  Toasters seen useless to me; they only do one thing.  Whereas a toaster oven, well, I won't even begin to enumerate the reasons for the obvious superiority.

But it has always lived on the counter.  Easily accessible, conveniently within reach.

And always taking up precious space.

I grew up as blender on the counter person, too, but since marriage have kept mine happily tucked away in a cupboard.  But I got a new one, um, six months ago, and it was still on the counter.  Along with the new (to me- four months ago) bigger George Foreman.  And they were starting to annoy.

So yesterday I took matters into my own hands and reorganized the cupboard.  I moved a couple things, got rid of a couple things, and made room for not only the George Foreman, but also the blender and the toaster oven.

And I'm in love.

It's still easily accessible.  It requires a little more advance planning (like 5 seconds), but the wide open counter more than makes up for any inconvenience.

I'm not sure Tom is convinced, so it might not last, but I have definitely seen the light.

What about you?  Where do you fall?

*I am planning a 'thoughts-on-this-pregnancy-thus-far' post in the not to distant future, but it hasn't come together the way I want just yet.  So be patient.  And thanks for all your kind words of congratulations and support!


mrs. olson said...

Oddly our toaster oven (I'm a plain toaster girl but my husband loves the toaster oven) sits on top of our refrigerator and is plugged in all the time. Kind of ugly but out of my way, so it works.

Alisha said...

I'm not a toaster oven person but I am a toaster, blender, George in the cupboard/pantry person. Not out. Too messy. I do, however, have 2 appliances that are on my counter but those are a pink Kitchenaid Mixer & matching Food Processor. Lets be honest, those are decorations! I use them all of the time but you can't put away PINK KITCHENAIDS!

Bethany said...

I'm a toaster person because I have never used a toaster oven and wouldn't quite know what to do. The toaster and blender are our only appliances on the counter, but only because Matt is crazy about orange julius' (not sure how to make that plural) and I used to make baby food when Andrew was doing purees, thus making the blender a highly-used item.

And no rush on the pregnancy thoughts post--you certainly have so much to think about!

Elisabeth said...

I always loved your family's toaster oven, but have not owned one. If I could, I would keep every kitchen appliance in the cupboard, as I like clear counters. The blender, at our house stays in the cupboard, but despite many attempts by me to keep the toaster in the cupboard too, Jay always puts it back on the counter. We use it maybe once every few weeks, but apparently that is one appliance he will not let stay hidden. I do have my coffee pot on the counter, as it makes me my decaf brew every morning, and would be more troublesome to bring out every day. We use the rice maker and crock pot at least once a week, but those stay in the cupboard as well.

Mike and Tiffany said...

Toaster oven on the counter! We use ours all the time! Other than that, our counter is usually appliance free. Although sometimes I wish I had more counter space to leave my kitchen aid on the counter too! Right now we also have our blender and George Forman grill out because we use them both almost daily since dieting.

The Strain's said...

We had both growing up. The toaster sat on the counter and the toaster oven was tucked under the bar with all the other small appliances we hardly used. however, after i got married we had a toaster, no toaster oven. since moving from dugway i purchased a toaster oven for the new house since id have plenty-o-space to store it. but i've since kicked my toaster to the curb and the toaster oven sits on the counter next to the oven. my husband is totally sold on the toaster oven. i kept telling him corn dogs are so much better toasted in the little box then in the microwave. he ate a box of 16 corn dogs in 2 weeks. i think he approves :) if we didnt have alot of counter space i'd be storing mine away too. unless you make toast everyday. but we arent the type to toast alot.

Neoma said...

I keep the toaster in the pantry along with the blender, the Kitchenaid, the George Foreman, an electric wok, an electric griddle, a food processor, and a very large wheat grinder. I love the clear counters (when they are actually cleaned off), but Jason has told me that the first thing he's going to do when I die is move the toaster back onto the counter (right after being incredibly sad).

Carol said...

I'm definitely a "whatever it is get it off the counter" kind of person (though you would never know by looking at my own counters, but that's mostly because I don't use my own kitchen--for what happens in the Kitchen I use, see Neoma's comment above) I don't like anything to belong on the counter. I have a toaster and I have never had a toaster oven, so I have never been converted to their gloriousness. But perhaps someday someone will enlighten me. I don't rule that out.