My apologies

I'm afraid this is turning into a pregnancy blog.  I will try not to let that happen, but I make no promises.

My favorite sister and her family are currently in town from Japan, my older little brother is living at home for the summer, and my littlest brother came up from Utah last week, so we had a week full of family togetherness.  It was fantastic!  I love my family.  Jon's gone back to Utah now, but Sarah etc. will be here until Wednesday.  Hopefully I will post more about this wonderful week once I steal pictures from my dad, but if not, just know it was fabulous and family-filled.

And speaking of Wednesdays, last Wednesday was Ella's birthday.  I can't believe my baby is five years old!  That blows my mind!  That day I also had an ultrasound at Maternal Fetal Medicine to look at the placenta(s) to determine if there were indeed two really close together, or just one.

Now, if you're up to date on your twin pregnancy information, you will know that one placenta equals identical twins, whereas two placentas doesn't necessarily point to identical or fraternal.  The problem with sharing a placenta is that sometimes babies don't share so well, and one baby will end up doing all the growing.  It's called twin to twin transfusion, and it's not so good, Al.  This could necessitate laser surgery in utero to sever the blood vessels connecting the two babies.  Sounds fun, no?

I knew it was a little early for finding out the genders.  I've heard of people finding out that early (I was 14 weeks), but I tried not to get my hopes up.  If you recall from the pictures, Ella's bet was for a boy and a girl (which would necessarily be fraternal, and therefore two placentas).

However, according to the tech, we have one placenta and two penises.  Identical boys. 

Two very proud little boys.

I can't help but admit that while I was hoping for one little boy, I was also dreaming of bows and dresses.  But I wasn't really too disappointed.  I'm super excited for two more little boys to join our family.  Ella was quite let down and nearly started crying, but that didn't last for long.  She's now planning that next I'll have triplet boys. Named Simon, Theodore, and ALVIN!  Or, if not that: Huey, Dewey, and Louie.  Heaven help me.

But one placenta means that I will be having bi-weekly ultrasounds until I'm 24 weeks, to make sure that the babies are sharing nicely.  If they're not I'll be going under the knife.  Or laser, as the case may be.  I'm praying that it doesn't come to that.

You're welcome to join me.



Every night while putting the kids to bed, We follow the same basic routine.  We read them a story, tuck them in, sing them each a song, give them a sip of water and close the door with the lights out.  I say "we" in the loosest sense, because they always want Tom to do everything.

As they were getting settled down for their story, Ella ran out and told me, "since Daddy can't sing very well, I want you to sing my song.  Okay?"

Rico requested the same.

So, for once, I get to sing to my kids, even though Tom is home! :)

Lest you think Tom has a terrible singing voice, he is coming down with a cold and is losing is voice.



This pregnancy has been more difficult than any of my others thus far.  Though I still haven't had any morning sickness, my lower back was in near constant pain for about a month (it seems to have trailed off in the last week or so) and just last week my left arm started hurting.  It is a constant dull ache that started in my upper arm and involved my forearm, and as of Sunday my left hand as well.  It was getting to the point where I couldn't sleep on it, couldn't get comfortable because of the pain, and once my hand got involved, couldn't even open a sippy cup. (That's when you know it's bad.)  Earlier in the week I had called my OB's office to see if it was something pregnancy related, but the nurse I talked with had no idea what it could be and referred me to my primary care physician. 
Now I'm not really one for going to the doctor.  Between the copay, the deductible, and the co-insurance, it never seems worth my time or money.  I'm happy to take the kids in for their check-ups, or for urgent things like chin-gashes that need gluing, but for myself, not so much.  So I don't have a doctor I just love, and based on my symptoms, I expected them to say either "Huh.  No idea.  Good luck with that." or  "That's not my specialty, but if you go see this expensive specialist, they might be able to help you."  Neither of those sounded so great. 

So I did some research.  I started by going through my pregnancy books, and found one that mentioned that "pain, numbness or tingling in the arm" was likely thoracic outlet syndrome.  Essentially, the nerves and blood vessels going through your shoulder are getting pinched because of your bad posture and extra fluid.  So with that self diagnosis, I just kept on doing what I was doing, making a little more effort to stand up straight.  But it still hurt.

But by Sunday, I wanted a blessing.  I firmly believe in the power of the priesthood and the ability of my Father in Heaven to bless and heal those in need.  So I asked our home teacher (okay Tom did because he saw him first) to come and help Tom in giving me a blessing. 

We've had the same home teacher since we moved into this ward nearly three years ago.  His partners have come and gone, moved, been inactive, had conflicting work schedules, etc, but Christian has remained.   But he's moving this week, and we will miss him and his family.

He came Sunday evening after the kids were in bed and asked what seemed to be the problem.  Having recently had a pregnant wife, he guessed morning sickness, I assured him that was not the case, and briefly mentioned how my arm had been causing me much grief. 

Being the physical therapist that he is, he asked if he could assess it before the blessing and see what the problem was.  He proceeded to have me move my arm this way, that way, the other way, and all the things physical therapists do, all while having me tell him when it hurt, where it hurt, how much it hurt, etc.  He determined that it was most likely shoulder impingement syndrome, which as he explained is that the nerves traveling through my shoulder were getting pinched because of my bad posture and weak rotator cuff.  So he gave me some exercises and stretches to loosen up the shoulder, strengthen the rotator cuff and move everything back where it should be.  And he told me to ice it.

Then they proceeded to give me a blessing. 

While I didn't experience any miraculous healing, I am still impressed at Heavenly Father's watchful care.  If this had happened a week later, Christian would have been on his merry way to Kansas, and my new home teachers, however wonderful they may be, would not have been able to provide the timely and directly applicable aid that I needed. 

And by the way, it is already feeling better than yesterday, but it still has a ways to go.