Every night while putting the kids to bed, We follow the same basic routine.  We read them a story, tuck them in, sing them each a song, give them a sip of water and close the door with the lights out.  I say "we" in the loosest sense, because they always want Tom to do everything.

As they were getting settled down for their story, Ella ran out and told me, "since Daddy can't sing very well, I want you to sing my song.  Okay?"

Rico requested the same.

So, for once, I get to sing to my kids, even though Tom is home! :)

Lest you think Tom has a terrible singing voice, he is coming down with a cold and is losing is voice.


The Strain's said...

My sisters kids HATE when people sing. She used to sing to them and they'd scream and yell at her to stop. along with when she plays the piano. i remember we were singing happy birthday to someone and they all freaked out LOL. Issac loves it however, but Daddy is much better than me.

Carol said...

Lucky! Willow only always wants me for everything, especially at bed time. Rhys really doesn't express a preference much. Hopefully when Kevin gets home we'll have some daddy-preference time to make up for the time he's been gone, but for now it's me by virtue of no dad anyway. I wish Willow would beg for him sometimes.