Here's the dilemma

Several months ago I ordered some shirts from Shade.

Now, let me be clear: I love Shade.

So they were having a sale, or something, and I perused their clearance items, chose a few, chose a few more, and checked out.  Included in the sale were some maternity tops that I can only guess they were phasing out select colors, so, though I was not currently pregnant, I grabbed a few.  When they arrived, I tried a couple on, and they thankfully didn't fit.  So I stuck them all, packaging included, in the back of my closet for future use.

And completely forgot about them.

Luckily, as I was looking for my skirt on Sunday that had somehow fallen off it's hanger, (or, heaven forbid, had never gotten hung up) I stumbled upon them and joyously wore one to church. 

But today, when I went to put on another one, I noticed it has a dime-sized hole in the side/back.

Now, their return policy for defective items is a fairly standard 30 days.  But it has been much longer than that.  I called the customer service number and she said that I could probably exchange it, if I paid return shipping, but they no longer have my size in that color/style, and everything else I might want costs twice as much.

So, do I return it and buy something else?

Do I attempt to patch it?

Do I just call it a loss and find another use for the fabric?

What would YOU do?


TheMoncurs said...

I'd probably just use the fabric for something else. That really stinks though, sorry!!

LP said...

The handmade flower/applique look is pretty popular- You could try some of those to patch it up, or use that fabric to make some flowers or ruffles on a different shirt. I've seen some cute patterns and ideas online that would work.

Good luck!

Elisabeth said...

The big question is, how much do you like it? If you really like and it and really want to be able to wear it/a similar shirt, then you should probably patch or return and get the other (if you like it enough to want to buy it full price). Otherwise, I'd take a credit from the company and then hold onto it until something else that I like is on sale or see something worth buying. I'd only use the fabric for something else if I didn't like the company's products that much and didn't anticipate finding something else I'd wear :)

Carol said...

If it were me, I'd probably give up on returning it, but that's more aversion to effort than anything else. If the hole is in a place that doesn't show very much, I'd probably continue to wear it (which I have done with pants that have a hole near the waistband that is always covered by my shirt tail). If it is near a seam, I might try to sew a wider seam into it to envelope the hole, if there is enough play in how the shirt fits (which is a possibility if it is a maternity shirt). Every once in a while I have been amitious enough to make majorly style altering patches, with mixed results, so it could be worth trying. Though the back is a little of a funny place for a decorative patch unless there were more than one of them all over the shirt, which would be not a little project.

Probably the most realistic of things that I would do is put it back in my closet and sigh about it and wear it once in a while and hope no one noticed the very small hole and then eventually get frustrated and get rid of it somehow.

But that's just me. I don't buy clothes online very often.