Holy Pictures, Batman!: A recap

While I hate to be one of those a bloggers who feel the need to detail all of the minutea of their lives (not that it's bad, it's just not me), I don't want to let the past few months escape without some mention, however brief, of their awesomeness.

I mentioned that my sister and her family were in town for a short week-and-a-half visit from Okinawa.  Well, as it came time to leave, they realized that Zach was only going to be home with them for two weeks before flying to DC for three weeks.  So they decided that instead of all going home, Sarah and the kids would stay here for the five weeks until Zach was flying home from DC, when he could stop here and fly back with them.  It was perfect. 

Before he and Jon left, however, we snagged some family photos (done by the fabulous Morgan Bennett).

We loved having them here so long.  Sarah and I are less than two years apart, and we have always been close.  Our kids are all similarly aged and had a blast playing together, so we spent at least one day a week up there.  It is so fun watching our kids bond and play.  Ella and Aly are "best friends" and Ella is already planning that they will be roommates at BYU.

We hung out at home, visited the troll, and a gorgeous park on Queen Anne, went to a children's museum, the library, and the zoo, honed our thrifting skills, hosted sleepovers and a birthday party, and had an all around great time.  We even made time for a girls night out with my mom and sister.  And I harassed her (my sister, not my mom!) into taking a pregnancy test.  You can see for yourself how that turned out.
At the end of June, I escaped for a long weekend to Utah.  It was quite novel flying alone, but I ended up the same flight (both ways!) with a good friend and we happily chatted throughout the two hour flight.  The purpose for my trip was for a reunion with my freshman (and half of sophomore year) roommates.  We lived in apartment 2010 our freshman year, and early on planned a reunion for the corresponding year.  Being the naive younguns we were, we believed that by that far distant time we would all be independently wealthy and would reunite in Paris, but somehow that didn't exactly work out.  So Kamas, Utah was our next best option.
Only four of our original six were able to make it, but we did include one pseudo-roommate from downstairs and the five of us (plus one baby) had a blast reminiscing and creating new memories.  In Alicia's words, it's "kinda weird how a 48-hour period with a disproportionate fraction of sleep could be so rejuvenating," but it really was.  While in Utah I was also able to visit with some family that I don't get to see nearly as often as I would like. (And I may or may not have stolen all of these pictures from Lisa's blog because I was too lame to take pictures.)

Then I came home, had enough time to unpack, go to the doctor (again!), do laundry, and repack before we left the next day for the Kitsap Peninsula.  I have a hard time calling what we did camping, because we stayed in a cute little cabin, but that's basically what it was.  We had a roof, beds, a microwave, mini fridge, and flushing toilets--though the bathrooms were down the path a bit.  We stayed out there three nights (coming back one morning so Tom could interview for a job), and had a great time.  It was a good thing we decided to go the cabin route, because although Wednesday and Friday morning were beautiful, Thursday was rainy and gray; a perfect day for cozying up on the couch and watching a movie on our laptop.  The park had a rocky beach, perfect for throwing rocks into the water, a big playtoy, and lots of open space to run and play. 

Somehow, between all that, I've had 1-2 doctor's appointments nearly every week.  While we had a slight scare that nutrients were not being shared properly (one baby was 11% larger at one appointment), the boys worked it out on their own and everything is looking great.  Even their hearts look perfect (which was a concern due to sweet Lou's VSD {which, if you're wondering is continuing to shrink and heal on its own}).  I'm getting huge and have already gained as much as I did with Lou, but I'm not worried about that in the least. 

And now it's July, and I'm going to attempt to do a much better job at blogging regularly so you don't have to slog through another post of this magnitude.


Janssen said...

Glad everything is okay with your boys.

What a fun looking reunion!

Kristy said...

Yes! Good times. I miss you already!