Near heart attack

I lost Louie yesterday.

Couldn't find her anywhere.

I was talking on the phone to my sister, and stepped into my bedroom for a moment to relate a funny story about one of the kids that I didn't necessarily want them overhearing.  (I do laugh at my kids, but I try not to do it to their faces!)  When I came out a couple of minutes later (less than 5), Ella and Rico were happily sitting at the table coloring, just as I'd left them, but Lou was nowhere to be seen.  I glanced in her room, and the kids' room, and even checked the bathroom and the laundry room (which was gated off--no way could she have gotten in there!) but she was no where.

At this point I was getting a little nervous.

Now, my house is only 1150 (or so) square feet, so there are not really a lot of places she could go.  I checked all the rooms again, but with no luck.  Maybe she had followed me into my room unnoticed, so I checked in there as well, but to no avail.

She's much too short to open doors, and the kids would have noticed something as suspicious as someone coming in and taking her, so I knew she had to be around, but where?

Rico suggested I look in the closet, so I checked the hall closet (which she can't open), and naturally she wasn't there.  Next I peeked into the closet in the kids room, where she was very happily, and very quietly, playing with my cell phone.

Apparently, if I can hide and talk on the phone, so can she.

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