To name, or not to name? That is the question.

When I first started blogging, my URL was my first and last name.  But I decided that I didn't want to be quite that public with my identity, so I changed it.  Then I went through and edited every mention of my last name from existing posts.  Then I got myself a more generic email address. 

I'm still fine using my first name, but in the last few weeks I've been thinking long and hard about using pseudonyms for my children.  I don't know if it's the upcoming arrival of Morty and Ferdie that has me contemplating the switch or something else, but I want your opinions. 

Why do you (or don't you) use pseudonyms on your public blog? 

Do you ever wish you did? (or didn't?)

If you've got a private blog, what is your reasoning for having it private?

I don't think I'll ever go private, but I may just spend some of my down time in the next couple of weeks editing any mention of my children. 

We'll see.

(And no, I will not be naming my babies "Morty" and "Ferdie," but that's what we're calling them for now.  Two points if you know where the names come from.)


Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

I laughed out loud when I read your baby names...I was thinking...wow I hope THOSE are fake names...then I read to the end :-)

I like being private. I mean, it bugs me sometimes that I can't have strangers looking at my profile, and I'm thinking that I may go public again, but we'll see. Ryan likes that we are private to the world.

TheMoncurs said...

Aaron totally disagreed with my decision to take down my blog but I think where children and the internet are involved you can't be too careful.

If and when I start blogging again I'm going to give us all pseudonyms and be very selective with my pictures. I think that's a good way to go.

Kirstin said...

First of all, you look great!!

Second, love the baby names...

And blogging...I don't use psuedonyms for my kids, but I avoid all mention of our last name, city, the names of the kids' school and teachers (including pictures that may have that info), etc. I want to be careful, but not paranoid.

Tiffany D. said...

I just try to be very careful about how much info I give. I don't want people to know exactly where I live etc. I know I have mentioned to much info on my blog on the past and I've thought about going back and taking that out, but it all makes me tired! Now that Maddie goes to a new school, I'm sure not to mention where that is or who her teacher is... just to be safe. I do think it's sad that we have to be this careful, but, that's life I guess!

Laura said...

I think it very important to be careful, especially with kids. I don't mention my city, or other specifics, but I think other can tell what State I'm in. I only do first names, and I think pseudonyms are great for kids.

By the way, in Ella's back to school pic, you can see her teacher's name and room numbr if you are concerned about that.

Ester said...

Morty and Ferdie are Mickey's family. The two little mice.

My blog on here is public, and I've at times been open and others been hush about names. But then again, I have a tough time blogging on here, cause I'm so use to journalling on paper, still.

The Wife said...

I went private because I noticed this psycho girl that dated one of donavons friends FOREVER ago was following our blog and I was never friends with her. I dont even know how she got the address. It was weird. And I know there were other people whom I once knew, but never was friends with that are attached to a mutual friends blog who stalk. No thanks. Even though you cant find it on google, have you ever clicked the 'next blog' at the top? it just goes to whatever blog. Creepy. With being private I dont have to worry about saying too much about Donavon's job, and I know who is reading it. If people really care they'll follow.

Anonymous said...

Morty and Ferdie are nicknames for Motor and Ferdinand, 2 of the boys great-great-great, great-great-great-great, and great-great-great-great-great grandfathers. Aren't those real names great!

I'm glad that the author of this blog is choosing to use family names. But, I wonder if someone can now google those names to locate the living????