The Birth Center: Part IV (b)

And what happened was.... nothing.

The contractions were still stronger than earlier in the week, almost painful, even, but not progressing.  Since I was already at a 4, I was told I could have an epidural whenever I wanted.  I was planning on having one, so I figured I might as well get it in before the pain really started.  The anesthesiologist came and got me all set up (though it took a couple of tries; it's amazing how much easier it is to hold still when you're not in severe pain) and they hooked me up to the pitocin.

Contractions started increasing and I progressed to a five.  They had to stop the pit for an hour or so, because Morty's heart rate showed he wasn't a huge fan, but when they restarted it around 7:30 am, he was fine. 

As long as I was on my left side, that is.  As soon as I turned over to my back or right side, his heart rate would drop, or whatever it does to alarm the nurses, and back to left I would go.

Ice chips began getting old by about 11 am, but I was still at a 5, despite consistent, frequent, and apparently strong contractions.  And I stayed at a 5 for much longer than I would have liked.  Had I been in pain I would have cared a lot more, but as it was, it was mostly just an annoyance.

By 5 (or was it 5:30?) pm my doctor came in to break my water (finally!  I'm sure that's all my body was waiting for) and I was all of a 6.  Ten hours, and 1 centimeter was all I had to show for it.

That didn't last long, however.


The Birth Center: Part IV (a)

In the next few posts, I will be detailing the birth of my sweet little boys.  I share this for my own records, and because I enjoy hearing/reading the birth stories of others.  Be aware that this may include references to female anatomy involved in the birth process.  Read at your own risk.

During this whole pregnancy, I was counting each new week as starting on Wednesday, meaning that I would have hit 36 weeks on Wednesday, October 13th.  So I was a little confused when my doc told me I would hit 36 on the 12th, and could be up and around, and stop taking my meds.  But confused or not, I was happy to oblige.  That also meant that according to her, I hit 37 weeks on Tuesday, the 19th, when we could test for lung maturity and induce if I was still pregnant.

Naturally, being off bed rest didn't bring on labor.  So Tuesday morning, nice and early, Tom and I went to the hospital for an amniocentesis, hoping not to leave until we had babies in our arms (Tom took the day off to be my moral support, and in case we got to induce right away).  The amnio went well, (although Morty {baby B} was transverse again, he'd been head down the week before).  Then I got to be hooked up to the monitors in the birth center for an hour, before I was sent home to await the results.  I could have just hung out there, but with nothing to do and cute kids at home, home we went.

The results came with good news and bad news.

The good news: their lungs looked great.

The bad news: everyone and their mother was in labor, so there was no room for an elective induction, but they would give me a call when there was an opening.

So we waited for the phone call.

And waited.

And waited.

And wished Tom hadn't bothered taking the day off work.

Finally around 7 pm I tried calling the birth center to see what the chances were of getting a call that night, and finally around 10 I was told by the nurse that she couldn't promise anything, either overnight or in the morning, but was I willing to come in in the wee hours of the morning if there was room?

I said yes.

About 2:10 am, the phone rang.

We packed our bags and took off.  (After some blessed soul came to sleep on our couch, until my mother-in-law got there.)

I noticed in the car that I was having regular contractions, which was not that odd (I'd been having regular contractions all week long, they just weren't progressing) except that they seemed a bit stronger than those I'd had earlier in the week.

When we arrived and got all checked in, the nurse (or maybe it was the doctor) checked me and I was already at a 4.  They were fairly pleased with the regularity of contractions I was having and decided to just wait and see what developed naturally before "inducing."


Such a difference a week makes

After church last week:

During church this week:

Better out than in, I always say.

More details to come.


I traded it for a beach ball

36 weeks today, people!  

I'm off meds and bed rest, and Morty and Ferdie are welcome to come anytime.  If I make it a whole nother week, we'll check their lungs and (provided the lungs pass the test) induce next Tuesday.  I can't wait to hold these little guys in my arms. 

And get them out of my belly.


Quarter 3 Review

Book reading inexplicably went up starting mid-August... I can't imagine why.  Oh, right, because I've been spending an inordinate amount of time on the couch.   But still 18 books in three months isn't all that much.  But part of that is because I don't have access to the library from my couch, so I'm limited to what I have at home, which isn't much.  If you got some good books lying around, feel free to drop them off! :)

Scoring system review: The first number is my totally subjective preference rating, the higher, the better (out of 5). Next is the cleanliness rating, including language, violence, sensuality, etc. 0=squeaky clean, 5=PG13. The last number is recommended age level in my opinion: 2=elementary 3=Jr. High, 4=High school, 5=adult.


Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry: 4.2.2
I haven't read this one in years.  It was shorter and simpler than I remember, but I loved it.


Abandoned, by Jennie Hansen: 4.3.4
Don't judge a book by it's prologue.  Cute LDS romance/actionish novel
Freefall, by Traci Hunter Abrahamson: 4.3.4
Same category as above.  Cute and some suspense as well.
No Longer Strangers, by Rachel Ann Nunes: 4.3.4
Not as action-y but cute LDS romance.  And by romance I mean clean love story, not steamy adult content.
Freshman for President, by Ally Condie: 3.1.3
I wasn't sure I would love it, based solely on the title/premise, but it was fun.
It's Bliss, by Alene Roberts: 4.1.4
Cover promises a "modern, old-fashioned romance" and it delivered.
Darcy's Story, by Janet Aylmer: 4.0.4
Interesting premise that was done pretty well.  I still prefer the original.
Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen: 5.0.4
Which is why I promptly had to read it again.  And loved it.  Of course.
Persuasion, by Jane Austen: 5.0.4
I hadn't read this Austen yet, but I loved it.


Lady Susan, by Jane Austen: 3.1.4
I wasn't the hugest fan of the epistolary style of this novel, but it got the job done.
Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins: 3.4.4
Anti-climactic ending to a great series.  But decent.
Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen: 5.0.4
Loved it, just like last time.
Emma, by Jane Austen: 5.0.4
 Don't you just love Mr. Knightly?  And want to punch Mrs. Elliot in the face?
Anthem, by Ayn Rand: 2.2.3
It had been years since I read this distopian novella, and it was just as bizarre as I remember, but a lot shorter.
Northanger Abbey, by Jane Austen: 4.0.4
If you hadn't guessed yet, I own "The Complete Works of Jane Austen" and plowed my way through it.
Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen: 4.1.4
And thoroughly enjoyed it.
The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnette: 4.0.3
Another repeat read, but that's what happens when you're limited to stock on hand.
The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan: 5.3.3
Loved this as much as the first time!

And as for New Year's resolutions:

To continue being more healthy: 8

When I made this resolution, I had little intention of being 8 months pregnant at this point of the year, much less with twins.  Given the current situation, I definitely feel like I'm doing great, but based on my intentions when I made this goal, I'm failing.

To better study my scriptures: 5
This is one of the hardest things for me to be consistent with; I don't know why.  I'll be doing great for days, weeks, months, and then I fall back into old habits.  Especially after last weekend's inspiring General Conference, I'm re-committed to improving in this area.

To be more patient with my children: 7

I don't get to see my children nearly as often as I would like.  With Ella at school all day, and the other two being cared for by one generous, wonderful person or another, I mostly only see them in the evenings.  This results in more patience when they are home At the same time, however, Rico has figured out that I can't enforce rules/requests anymore, which apparently means he no longer needs to follow them, which makes my patience level drop significantly.


The Birth Center: Part III

This is getting a little redundant.  But, once again, I spent a couple of hours yesterday evening at the birth center.  It was pretty much a repeat of last Sunday, except that this time when the doctor checked me she said I wasn't dilated at all.  So I'm somehow regressing, which is just fine by me.  (And this same doc checked me last Friday and said I was between a 1 and 2.)  I was only there about two hours so it wasn't too bad, but not really a pattern I'd like to keep up.  The good news is that pretty soon they won't bother trying to stop the contractions at all, which means I wouldn't have to go in.  But we haven't quite reached that point. 

Thank you to everyone who is keeping me in their thoughts and prayers.  I know that is helping to keep these little boys in the incubator a little longer!