The Birth Center: Part III

This is getting a little redundant.  But, once again, I spent a couple of hours yesterday evening at the birth center.  It was pretty much a repeat of last Sunday, except that this time when the doctor checked me she said I wasn't dilated at all.  So I'm somehow regressing, which is just fine by me.  (And this same doc checked me last Friday and said I was between a 1 and 2.)  I was only there about two hours so it wasn't too bad, but not really a pattern I'd like to keep up.  The good news is that pretty soon they won't bother trying to stop the contractions at all, which means I wouldn't have to go in.  But we haven't quite reached that point. 

Thank you to everyone who is keeping me in their thoughts and prayers.  I know that is helping to keep these little boys in the incubator a little longer!

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