The Birth Center: Part IV (b)

And what happened was.... nothing.

The contractions were still stronger than earlier in the week, almost painful, even, but not progressing.  Since I was already at a 4, I was told I could have an epidural whenever I wanted.  I was planning on having one, so I figured I might as well get it in before the pain really started.  The anesthesiologist came and got me all set up (though it took a couple of tries; it's amazing how much easier it is to hold still when you're not in severe pain) and they hooked me up to the pitocin.

Contractions started increasing and I progressed to a five.  They had to stop the pit for an hour or so, because Morty's heart rate showed he wasn't a huge fan, but when they restarted it around 7:30 am, he was fine. 

As long as I was on my left side, that is.  As soon as I turned over to my back or right side, his heart rate would drop, or whatever it does to alarm the nurses, and back to left I would go.

Ice chips began getting old by about 11 am, but I was still at a 5, despite consistent, frequent, and apparently strong contractions.  And I stayed at a 5 for much longer than I would have liked.  Had I been in pain I would have cared a lot more, but as it was, it was mostly just an annoyance.

By 5 (or was it 5:30?) pm my doctor came in to break my water (finally!  I'm sure that's all my body was waiting for) and I was all of a 6.  Ten hours, and 1 centimeter was all I had to show for it.

That didn't last long, however.

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The Wife said...

and.... is there a part C? your labor sounds an awful lot like mine w/ Issac so far. I'm REALLY praying I dont feel a ton of pain before my epidural this time!!! i started the pitocin and oohhhhh Lordy, I slammed the nurses button quick and asked for that epidural NOW!