The Birth Center: Part IV (a)

In the next few posts, I will be detailing the birth of my sweet little boys.  I share this for my own records, and because I enjoy hearing/reading the birth stories of others.  Be aware that this may include references to female anatomy involved in the birth process.  Read at your own risk.

During this whole pregnancy, I was counting each new week as starting on Wednesday, meaning that I would have hit 36 weeks on Wednesday, October 13th.  So I was a little confused when my doc told me I would hit 36 on the 12th, and could be up and around, and stop taking my meds.  But confused or not, I was happy to oblige.  That also meant that according to her, I hit 37 weeks on Tuesday, the 19th, when we could test for lung maturity and induce if I was still pregnant.

Naturally, being off bed rest didn't bring on labor.  So Tuesday morning, nice and early, Tom and I went to the hospital for an amniocentesis, hoping not to leave until we had babies in our arms (Tom took the day off to be my moral support, and in case we got to induce right away).  The amnio went well, (although Morty {baby B} was transverse again, he'd been head down the week before).  Then I got to be hooked up to the monitors in the birth center for an hour, before I was sent home to await the results.  I could have just hung out there, but with nothing to do and cute kids at home, home we went.

The results came with good news and bad news.

The good news: their lungs looked great.

The bad news: everyone and their mother was in labor, so there was no room for an elective induction, but they would give me a call when there was an opening.

So we waited for the phone call.

And waited.

And waited.

And wished Tom hadn't bothered taking the day off work.

Finally around 7 pm I tried calling the birth center to see what the chances were of getting a call that night, and finally around 10 I was told by the nurse that she couldn't promise anything, either overnight or in the morning, but was I willing to come in in the wee hours of the morning if there was room?

I said yes.

About 2:10 am, the phone rang.

We packed our bags and took off.  (After some blessed soul came to sleep on our couch, until my mother-in-law got there.)

I noticed in the car that I was having regular contractions, which was not that odd (I'd been having regular contractions all week long, they just weren't progressing) except that they seemed a bit stronger than those I'd had earlier in the week.

When we arrived and got all checked in, the nurse (or maybe it was the doctor) checked me and I was already at a 4.  They were fairly pleased with the regularity of contractions I was having and decided to just wait and see what developed naturally before "inducing."

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